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Cold rolling of stainless steel sheet


Cold-rolling technology is more complicated than hot-rolled steel production, using more complex equipment, requiring higher energy costs, capital investment and operating costs. Nevertheless, the demand for cold-rolled thin sheets increases every year. In developed industrialized countries, more than half of the stainless steel thin sheets are produced by cold-rolling. The technological process for producing cold-rolled steel is multi-step. Multi-rollers are used, with an annual production capacity of 100-150 tons.


The method of cold rolling produces stainless steel strip, both of great thickness and minimal thickness up to 1 mm. The newest technologies allow to produce stainless steel plates and strips up to 4 microns thick. Products with high surface quality and special technological properties are rolled by cold method. Such steel is widely used in automotive, food and canning industry, for production of electrical appliances and household goods: refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, electric stoves.

Rolled steel

This method is more modern. It provides a high quality surface, high productivity and strength of the strips, reducing production costs and lower consumption of metal. The coil method is easier to automate and mechanize. This method produces the bulk of cold-rolled steel. The starting material is hot-rolled steel strip, which is supplied to continuous and reversing strip mills.

Plate rolling

This method is characterized by high metal consumption, lower productivity, a limited technological process; lower accuracy of the rolled sheets, high rejection rate.


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