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Rod, wire MP35N


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Technical characteristics

European steel of MP35N grade on nickel-cobalt basis possesses a perfect resistance to caustic and corrosion cracking under voltage in sea water, in acid or alkaline aggressive environments. Wire, rod made of this steel differ with a high strength, ductility, plasticity and resistance to corrosion. They are requested in that spheres where it is needed to have a combination of strength, high indexes of elastic module with a good resistance to corrosion. A nominal content of alloy: nickel (35%), cobalt (35%), chrome (20%), molybdenum (10%). Semi-fabricates can be cold-worked or hardened with heat treatment.


A high wearing quality, heat-resistance, immunity to effect of aggressive environment allow using this alloy very extensively. Sphere of its application: medical tools, chemical and dental appliances, critical components of airplanes, astronautical crafts, ship building. It is also used for fasteners and nonmagnetic details of devices.

Chemical composition:

Ni Mn C S P Cr Si Mo Cb Co Cu Fe Al Ti B Zr
35, 0 nominal         20, 0 nominal   10, 0 nominal   35, 0 nominal            

Qualitative steel that contains a few masteralloys, can be broken down into 3 categories: 1) constructive, 2) toolroom, 3) high quality with special physical and chemical properties. By saturation with a help of alloying components, there are highlighted low-alloy steel (> 3% of alloying masteralloys), medium-alloy steel (3−10%), high alloy steel (<10%). Chrome increases a hardness, has a resistance to corrosion; nickel endues a plasticity, resistance to attack. Cobalt increases a heat-resistance, a magnetic permeability; molybdenum raises a red-hardness, strength, a corrosive resistance at high temperatures. Extra-qualitative steel contains borium, zirconium, selenium, nitrogen except for above-said components.


Average value of CPM х 10 -6 ° F

70 — 200 ° F 7,1
200 — 400 ° F 7,6
400 — 600 ° F 8,2
600 — 800 ° F 8,3
800 — 1000 ° F 8,7

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