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Pipe, rod, wire, sheet, strip of cadmium bronze

Technical characteristics

Cadmium Copper is alloy of cadmium bronze, which relates to European bronze mill-products. Pure unalloyed copper is soft and malleable material which typically contains about 0,7% of impurities. Cadmium copper alloys contain about 98 — 99% of copper, 0,5 — 1,5% of cadmium and minor amounts of other materials.

Percentage composition of C16500:

Cu Fe Sn Cd residual elements
Basis ≤ 0,2 0,5−0,7 0,6−1 ≤ 0,3

Percentage composition of C16200:

Cu Fe Sn Cd residual elements
Basis ≤ 0,2 --- 0,7−1,2 ≤ 0,3

When cadmium is added to copper, a material becomes more resistant to softening at elevated temperatures. The more amount of cadmium in alloy is, the more thermo-resistant it becomes. Small cadmium additives do not affect thermal and electrical conductivity (at a room temperature) and technological properties of alloy. Different semi-fabricates are manufactured of cadmium copper: pipes, wire, strip.

Physical properties: C16200

Density (68°F) is 0.321 Lbs./In.3
Volume weight is (20°C / 68°F): 8,9 g/cm3
Melting point (liquidus) is 1076 °C (1969°F)
(Solidus) is 1030 °C (1886°F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion is 9,8 10-6 (77−212°F)
Heat conductivity is 208 pounds/h at 68°F.

Cadmium bronze differs with high resistance to corrosion and erosion. Exceedingly thermo-resistant form of cadmium oxide on a wire surface protects it from arc erosion during arcing. It allows wire to keep its strength during operational use in electric train.


Cadmium copper is used in such products as contact wire, warming pads, electrical spring contacts, connectors, high voltage transmission lines of high strength. Wire is also used for welding, in particular, for jointing the components of radiators in cars and trucks.

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