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Thorium tungsten electrode WT-15, WT-30, WT-40


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
VT-30 WT-30 EWTh3 Buy from stock, view availability
VT-40 WT-40 EWTh4 Buy from stock, view availability


«Auremo» supplier offers to buy thorium tungsten electrode WT on favorable terms. It complies with GOST and International Standards of quality. Thorium tungsten electrode WT price forms according to international cost of metal-roll without including other expenses. Supplies are implemented directly from stock, where is presented a huge range of semi-products. If you make bulk purchases, you will be given special discounts. We invite you to a partnership.


Tungsten electrodes alloyed with additives of rare-earth metals have high melting temperature. They are successfully applied in different industries where are needed welding constructions of enhanced reliability. .

Technical characteristics

Initially, at argon-arc welding were used tungsten electrodes with thorium additive. This element simplifies arc kindling and stabilizes its burning. At that, the main health hazard poses not element itself, but fume and grind that are excreted during welding and grinding. According to international marking, European thorium electrode is marked with yellow + red, red + lilac or orange color. It depends on thorium quantity in composition. These electrodes are recommended to use for direct current in well-ventilated places. Tungsten electrodes with thorium additives perfectly suit for welding of:

— stainless steel;

— molybdenum;

— niobium;

— nickel;

— titanium;

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