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Bronze rod


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
BRAZHN10-4-4 CuAl10Ni5Fe4 Buy from stock, view availability
BrOC4-3 Buy from stock, view availability
BrB2 2.1447 CuBe2 Buy from stock, view availability
BrAZh9-4 CuAl10Fe1 Buy from stock, view availability

Spears of the famous Macedonian phalanx were forged out of a bronze rod. (Historical fact).


Bronze rod is a solid section that has a circular cross-section of tinless or tin bronze. Properties depend on a method of manufacture, material condition, chemical composition. Manufacture of bronze rods is specified by the following GOSTs: 1628−78 — tinless bronze grades CuAl10Fe3Mn2, CuAl9Mn2, CuAl10Ni5Fe4, CuSi3Mn1, CuAl10Fe1; 6511−60 — tin-zinc alloys CuSn5ZnPb5-C, CuSn4Zn3; 10 025−78 — tin-phosphorous grades CuSn10Fe1, CuSnFe; 15 835−70 — beryllium alloy CuBe2 (for instrument engineering and mechanical engineering). Rod intended for resistance welding electrodes machines is made out of chromous alloy CuCr1 and is specified by TC 48−21−408−86.

Bronze grade

Hardness HB -1

Melting point (°С) σv (MPa)
CuAl10Ni5Fe4 130−150 MPa 1084° 450−830
CuSn4Zn3 150−170 MPa 1045° 430−880
CuBe2 130−150 MPa 995° 400−950
CuAl10Fe1 100−120 MPa 1040° 400−700

Note: A range σ in (MPa) is given for soft/hard alloy.


GOST 18 175−78 specifies chemical composition of tinless alloys that are treated with pressure. GOST 5017−74 specifies tin alloys. A sample capture for chemical composition is done according to GOST 24 231−80. Qualitative bronze mill-products do not contain laminations, non-metallic impurities, and cavernes. Small dimples, cracks, flaws on a surface are permissible.

Classification of bronze rod

By a manufacturing method:

— hot-deformed — pressed. It is made out of tinlees types of bronze;

— drawn or cold-deformed. It is necessary to remote internal stress in bronze rod, before further treatment.

— rolled.

By accuracy of manufacture:

— high;

— increased;

— standard.

By condition of material:

— of half-hard bronze;

— of extra-hard;

— of hard;

— of soft.

By section shape:

— square;

— circular;

— hexagon-shaped.

By length:

— specific multiple cut;

— specific cut;

— random;

— in coil.

Special conditions: specific cut grades of rods with increased length accuracy; for machine treatment.


Bronze rod is sophisticated. It can be easily to drill, to cut, to stamp, to mill. Its surface becomes mirrored after milling treatment and polishing. Forgeability, strength, plasticity, high corrosion resistance, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity make it relevant almost in all branches of national economy. CuBe2 rod is exceptionally consistent. It is widely known not only for its strength (which may be increased even more with an additional heat treatment), but also for excellent resistance to corrosion and good weldability.


Bronze rod is a perfect billet for nuts, gears, bushings, spindles, electrodes, shafts, valves, parts of water and gas systems, various subassemblies, structural components. It is much-requested for transport mechanical engineering (particularly for shipbuilding, where its resistance to corrosion is very important); in building, electrical engineering, instrument engineering.

Diameter, mm Grade of bronze rod Price
16−100 CuAl10Ni5Fe4 Negotiated
16−100 CuSi3Mn1 ---«---
5−120 CuAl9Mn2 ---«---
30−100 CuSn10Fe1 ---«---
16−70 CuSnFe ---«---
20−150 CuAl10Fe3Mn2 ---«---
5−100 CuCr1 ---«---
5−100 CuBe2 ---«---
20−300 CuSn5ZnPb5-C ---«---
16−300 CuAl10Fe1 ---«---
6−120 CuSn4Zn3 ---«---
Range of sizes GOST Marking Chemical composition Diameter
Pressed rod 1628 CuAl9Mn2, CuAl9Fe4, CuAl10Ni5Fe4, CuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn1, CuAl10Fe3Mn2. GOST 18 175 100−150
Casted rod 24 301−93 CuSn3Zn7Pb5Ni1, CuSn3Zn12Pb5, CuSn5Zn5Pb5-C GOST 613 100−150
Round rod TC 48−21−249−72 High corrosive resistance of CuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn1 GOST 18 175 100−150

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