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Sheet, strip, plate made of titanium gost VT22 alloy

Pipe, sheet (plate)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
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Strip, sheet of gost VT22 alloy are used in a manufacture of large strength part of air-frame, wings, landing gears, parts of all-cargo aircraft control system, parts for gas-turbine engine. Such material properties as high strength, heat resistance, endurance in aggressive environments allow using strip, sheet, foil of gost VT22 in petrochemical, shipbuilding and other industries where corrosion resistance, reliability, durability are especially much-requested.

Manufacture and advantages of titanium gost VT22 mill-products

Semi-fabricate Dimensions Heat treatment Strength (MPa) KCU J/cm³
Mill-products 170x270 mm Annealing 1080 39
Thin-walled sections   Vacuum, annealing 800−850°С up to 450°С more than 8% more than 1100

Titanium grade gost VT22 alloy relates to a transition type. It possesses high strength-to-density ratio of more than 960 MPa. It was invented in 1965 by VIAM. Later, there were offered modifications of this alloy.

Fatigue resistance of mill-products gost VT22

Mill-products R Heat treating Dimensions (mm)

Endurance limit


Load configuration
VT22 — 1 Thermohardening + age-hardening 170x270 490 Symmetrical loading

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