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Chromium copper rod, wire, tube, sheet, strip

Technical characteristics

Chromium Copper is alloyed with chrome copper, which relates to European bronze mill-products. Chromium Copper contains 0.6−1.2% of Cr, which gives copper alloy an extra strength and corrosion resistance. At that, it keeps excellent workability that is inherent to pure copper. Alloy is easily processed in cold condition. It can be forged, cut, polished. Alloy can be designated as UNS C18050 — C18600, casted alloys C81400 — C81540. These semi-fabricates are made of chromium copper: rod, pipe, sheet, strip.

Percentage composition of C18200

Cu Cr residual elements
98,8−99.1 0,8−0,9 ≤ 0,2

Physical features

Volume weight: 8,89 g/cm3
Melting point (liquidus): 1075 °C (1967°F)
(Solidus): 1070 °C (1958°F)
Coefficient of thermal expansion (77−212°F) 9,810-6
Electrical conductivity at 68 ° F: 80% IACS
Thermal conductivity Btu / ft.2 / ft / h / ° F at 68°F:187

Chromium copper keeps its strength at elevated temperatures. Its corrosion resistance is better than in pure copper because chrome forms a protective oxide film. Although electrical conductivity of alloy slightly vanishes, it remains at high level 80% of IACS or 85% of pure copper.

Heat treatment

Alloyed with chrome copper can be thermohardened. Chrome is deposited from a solid solution by changing alloy properties at temperature increasing. Alloy structure becomes a two-phase mixture of chrome and alpha copper at slow cooling.


It is used in manufacture of welding electrodes of resistance, welding wheels, distributing devices, cable campers, parts of die-moulds, manufacture of heat exchangers and cryogenic equipment.

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