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Wire, rod made of rhenium

Wire, rod


Rhenium wire and rod have gained a popularity with a development of high technologies. Due to unique operational properties, rhenium is indispensable in aviation, space techniques, nuclear energetics, electrical engineering, military industrial complex, mechanical engineering, and electronics. With an appearance of similar materials, there has become a possibility to refine a lot of production methods, where a manufacturing is coupled with an effect of extreme indexes. Rhenium gives a possibility to provide with long-term and reliable working of the whole structure in a wide temperature range.

Rhenium Physical features

Description Identification
Atomic (molar) weight mole/h 186.2
Oxidation rate 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, -1
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point 3186°С
Melting heat kJ/mole 34
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 48
Evaporation heat kJ/mole 704


Rhenium blanks are manufactured my method of powder metallurgy. Firstly, there is obtained a billet. After this, it must be heated up, forged on a special rotary machine. Then, there are obtained bars with a diameter of 2−3 mm. Due to high rhenium plasticity, bars are drawn into the thinnest wire with a diameter of a few microns.


Rhenium is non-competitive bearing material that is applied for manufacture of special technique parts. Operational temperature of such parts exceeds 1000 °C in aggressive environment. In electrical engineering, electronics, there are manufactured grids, filament heaters, cathode heaters for cathode ray tubes; in thermionic generators, generator and receiving-intensifying lamps there are used filament heaters of ion gauges and mass spectrometers made of rhenium.

Consistent operational use of mechanical and optical assemblies that are fixed on metallic thin fixture are very important for geodesic devices. Fixtures of such type are contained in transit theodolites, level instruments, gyro-theodolites. The most accurate fixtures are those which are made out of rhenium alloys.

Thermocouples made out of tungsten and rhenium alloys are applied in measuring gauges for the highest temperatures (of about 2500°C). They are much more accurate than simple thermocouples made of molybdenum and tungsten. Thermocouple wire is made out of tungsten rhenium alloy WRe20 (Re-20%), WAlRe5 (with silicon-alkali and aluminium additives), WRe5 (Re-5%) by method of powder metallurgy.

Thermocouple wire of grades WRe20, WRe5 possesses different specified rates of thermal electromotive force that are noted in graduation marks. Tungsten-rhenium thermocouples are made in molybdenum or ceramic protective tubes. Thermocouple wire of grade WRe5 is collected only along with electrode and thermocouple wire of grade WRe20 that have the same statistic characteristic.

On the inside of filament lamp, there are formed dark spots in a glass. They are the end result of water cycle. Part of water steam always remains even at the most rigorous removal of oxygen from filament lamp. At a high temperature, water splits up on oxygen and hydrogen that oxidise hot tungsten filament. After this, tungsten oxide steams off and settles down on a glass in a form of metallic tungsten that is recovered with oxygen. Thereby, the minute tungsten particles steam off from glowing filament. On a glass, there is formed a dark spot and the filament becomes thinner until it tears. At a temperature of 1300 °C, rhenium is twice as much resistant to water cycle than tungsten; at a temperature of 1750 °C, it is eight times much resistant. Alloys of rhenium and tungsten perfectly suit to manufacture of glowing filament in comparison with pure rhenium.

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