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Wire, rod made of titanium gost VT20


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Technical characteristics

Titanium gost VT20 alloy was invented in 1965 by VIAM as a more consistent sheet alloy in comparison to titanium grade 6 (Ti5Al2.5Sn). Its hardening and improvement of properties are caused by alloying with aluminium, zirconium, molybdenum, vanadium. This alloy has high heat resistance. It is easy to deform and to weld with any type of welding in hot condition. It can be also welded with other titanium alloys. A joint efficiency of welding is similar to strength of a base metal. Alloy is lightweight; its density is 4.45 g /cm³; melting point is 980 — 1020 ° C.

Alloy t°К t°N t°P Annealing temperature
VT20 950° 800° 980° — 1020° 700° — 850°

Heat resistance of titanium pseudo-alpha alloys depends on a cooling rate after heat treatment. The greatest heat resistance is achieved by cooling with an intermediate rate between cooling in furnace and water.


High content of aluminium reduces a workable plasticity of alloy during pressure treatment in contrast to a similar alloy — titanium gost OT-4.

Percentage composition GOST 19807−91

Fe C Si Mo V Zr Ti Al N O H Residual elements
≤0,25 ≤0.1 ≤0,15 0.5 — 2 0.8 — 2.5 1.5 — 2.5 85.15 — 91.4 5.5 — 7 ≤0.05 ≤0,15 ≤0.015 total 0,3

Price is conditioned by technological details of manufacture without including additional expenses. A quality of products is guaranteed by rigorous compliance with technological standards of manufacture.

Physical characteristics of alloy

Description Identification
Temperature at which are obtained actual characteristics: 20°С
Lineal expansion coefficient α x 106 at 100 °C [1/ °С] 8.2
Density g/cm3;

Module of elasticity 1 sort Е [MPa] x 10-5 1.12
Specific heat of alloy at 200 °C [J (kg-deg)] 0.587
Heat conduction coefficient, l [V/(m-deg)] 8
Specific electric resistance Оhm-mm2/m 1.6


Titanium gost VT20 is intended for a manufacture of welded assemblies, which can work at temperature up to 450 ° C for a long time. It is also used in manufacture of aerostructure parts, wing covers, parts of gas-turbine engine. Pipe made of this alloy is much-requested in shipbuilding, petrol-chemistry, aerospace technology, oil and gas output, well drilling. It copes with a lot of tasks due to a heat resistance, strength, endurance in aggressive environment. Reliability and durability, resistance to corrosion, absence of organic sediments and salts on the walls during operational use allow pipes to keep their properties for a long time.


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