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Sheet, strip made of heat-resistant steel 20KH25N20S2, aisi 314, ЭИ283

X15CrNiSi25-20 wire, rod, bar X15CrNiSi25-20 sheet, strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
20Х25Н20С2 EI283 1.4841 314 X15CrNiSi25-20 Buy from stock, view availability
20Х25Н20С2 EI283 1.4841 314 X15CrNiSi25-21 Buy from stock, view availability

General characteristics

Heat-resistant steel sheet and strip of grade X15CrNiSi25−20, aisi 314 differ with a particular strength, corrosion resistance, and workability. They can be satisfactorily welded and mechanically processed. There can be used grinding, cutting, polishing. Due to strength and plasticity, steel is rolled into a thin foil that is resistant in oxidizing atmosphere and hot atmosphere of ammonia and nitrogen.


Flat products of grade X15CrNiSi25−20, aisi 314 are made in accordance with GOST 5632−72, which specifies hot-rolled and cold-rolled mill-products of heat-resistant alloys on iron-nickel and nickel basis. This steel is smelted by open method in induction furnace. It consists of chrome — 24−27%, nickel -18−21%, molybdenum and copper — 0.3%, manganese — 1.5%, carbon, vanadium, tungsten, titanium — 0,2%, silicon — 2−3%, additives of sulfur and phosphorus — hundredths of percent.

Percentage composition according to GOST 5632−72

Fe C Si Mo V Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti W S P
Basis ≤ 0,2 2 — 3 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 0,2 24 — 27 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 1,5 18 — 21 ≤ 0,2 ≤ 0,2 0.02. 0,035

Temperature of hot-rolled sheet is 1170 °C at the beginning and 850 °C at the end. Sheet, strip, foil are classified by edge state, evenness and rolling accuracy level. Sheets are additionally classified by evenness. Evenness falls under such categories as special, improved, standard and high. Accuracy: high and standard. Edge: sheared and milled. If necessary, flat products can be thermohardened at a temperature of up to 1150 °C in air or in water.


Sheet, strip and foil of this grade are widely used in hard mechanical engineering, building industry, medicine, chemical resistance and manufacture of utensils and flatwares. Products made of heat-resistant alloys are especially requested in construction of high-temperature furnaces where are needed the material with high resistance to thermal loads: in manufacture of engines, turbines, combustion wells, carburazing pots etc. The following products can be manufactured of this steel sheet: fragments of space and rocket equipment. A high content of nickel and chrome in composition allows the products to withstand a high temperature (about 1000°C) and not to lose a high resistance to aggressive environment.


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