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Non-ferrous metals and alloys


Modern technical progress goes hand in hand with the achievements of non-ferrous metallurgy. It is impossible to imagine modern industry without non-ferrous alloys. Today, the use of base metal alloys in industry is expanding every day. Thanks to excellent technical properties regarding resistance to corrosion, heat resistance, heat resistance, thermal and electrical conductivity, plasticity, strength, hardness, they are used as the basic material of the most complex and critical structures in such knowledge-intensive industries as:


-aviation engineering;

-Space research.


Bronze is an alloy based on copper, in which the main alloying ingredient is tin - has served mankind for many thousands of years... The composition has additions of aluminum, beryllium or other elements such as phosphorus, aluminum, zinc, lead. The exceptions are alloys of copper and zinc (in which case you get brass) and alloys of copper and nickel. Copper alloys without tin: One of the most popular is aluminum bronze, as well as (Cu-Zn) brass and (Cu-Ni) constantan, but they are not bronzes.

Nickel alloys

A heat-resistant alloy of chromium and nickel is called nichrome. Nichrome grades X15H60, X20H80 are indispensable in modern electrical engineering. The most popular composition with 80% Ni is Kh20N80, which has been the most heat-resistant material until recently. To make nichrome cheaper, the high percentage of Ni was reduced by increasing the proportion of iron. The most successful was a composition of 15% Cr, 60% Ni, and 25% Fe. Ferronichromes are cheaper than nichrome and are usually used at lower temperatures. Ferronichromes and nichromes have a rare combination of high electrical resistance (1.05-1.40 Ohmxmm2/m) and high heat resistance. Therefore they and chromates are the two most important classes of alloys used in the form of ribbon or wire for the manufacture of high-temperature electric heaters. Nichromes alloyed with up to 1.5% silicon, rare-earth, alkali-earth metals are usually used for this purpose. The maximum operating temperature of this nichrome type is close to 1200 °С, and for some grades - to 1250 °С.


Aluminum is three times lighter than steel. It is corrosion resistant, can be perfectly stamped, cut, drilled, has high thermal conductivity and is not toxic. It is used in food industry to make foil, kitchen utensils, various packages. Almost the only disadvantage of aluminum is its low strength. To increase its strength, it is alloyed with magnesium and copper.


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