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Sheet, strip, foil made of CuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn1

Sheet, strip (foil)


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Technical characteristics

CuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn1 is alloy of tinless pressure-treated bronze (aluminium bronze). Manufacture is specified by GOST 18 175−78. Hardness of CuAl9Fe4Ni4Mn1 sheet is HB 10-1 = 150 MPa. It is characterized by high strength at high temperatures. Bronze mill-products of this grade possess high corrosive, erosive, cavitation resistance. It is deformable in hot condition.


Copper is basis of alloy. Alloying: Fe (4−5%), Si (to 0.1%), Mn (0.5−1.2%), Ni (4−5%), P (to 0.01%), Al (8.8−10%), Cu (78.1−82.7%), Pb (to 0.02%), Zn (to 0.5%), Sn (to 0.1%), residual elements (0.7%).

Semi-fabricates are manufactured in following condition:

1) Soft, hardness 450−550 MPa;

2) Hard, hardness 750−830 MPa;

3) Pressed, hardness 700 MPa.


Mill-products: bronze pressed round bar (TC 48−21−249−72), wire, strip. These semi-fabricates are used in the capacity of blanks for manufacture of parts of electro-technical and chemical equipment, tubes, condensers.

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