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MP35N strip, sheet

Wire, rod (bar) Sheet (plate), strip (foil)


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Technical characteristics

A steel of this grade is obtained with a help of vacuum inductive smelting and consumable vacuum-arc remelt. This remelt contains 35% of nickel, 35% of cobalt, 20% of chrome, 10% of molybdenum. Mill-products of MP35N grade are in request in various spheres, including mechanical engineering, aircraft engineering, medical equipment, surgical instruments, spring-type clamps, heat-exchange equipment.


MP35N is one of few alloys, that is used in severe environment. In such conditions, there do not appear stress-corrosion of cracks when other alloys are sensitive to this.

Sheet, strip are utilized in different spheres of application:

— orthodontic and orthopedic equipment;

— oil industry, chemical and shipboard equipment (pump valves, eyes);

— airplanes, aircraft components (springs).

Percentage composition:

Ni Mn C S P Cr Si Mo Cb Co Cu Fe Al Ti B Zr
35, 0 nominal         20, 0 nominal   10, 0 nominal   35, 0 nominal            

Qualitative steel that contains a few masteralloys, can be broken down into 3 categories: 1) constructive, 2) toolroom, 3) high quality with special physical and chemical properties. By saturation with a help of alloying components, there are highlighted low-alloy steel (> 3% of alloying masteralloys), medium-alloy steel (3−10%), high alloy steel (<10%). Using of masteralloys gives a material precious properties. It increases a strength, a resistance to impact loads and vibration, a wearing quality, a heat resistance. This steel possesses the balanced technological characteristics due to which it is so popular. In comparison with products made of usual steel, an appliance of MP35N spares funds, time for service operations and repair of equipment.

Temperature and treatment

Modulus of elasticity (Е) х 10 3 KSI

79 ° F, annealing 33,8
450 ° F, annealing 31,3
900 ° F, annealing 29,2
79 ° F, cold working, holding 34,1
450 ° F, cold working, holding 31,8

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