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Pipe, rod, wire made of CuCr, CuCr1


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Technical characteristics

Grade: tinless, pressure-treated bronze.

Industrial usage: electrodes for welding, equipment of welding machines.

Percentage composition of CuCr1 grade

Element Content
Cr 0.4 — 1.2
Cu 98.5 — 99.6
Fe ≤ 0,08
Zn ≤ 0,3

Mechanical characteristics of CuCr1 at a temperature of 20 °C.

Mill-products δ5 (%)

KCU kJ/m2

σv (MPa) Size ψ %
Soft alloy 60−70   300−450    
Hard alloy 7−10   700−800    

Physical characteristics of CuCr1

R 10 9(Ohm-m)

r (kg/m3)

l (V/(m-Degree))

a 10 -6 (1/Degree)

E 1 -5 (MPa)

T (Degree)
  8900   17 1,12 20

Main properties

CuCr, CuCr1 alloys relate to tinless bronze alloys. They do not contain scarce tin in their composition. These alloys are superior to tin bronze alloys by their mechanical, anticorrosion, technological properties. Tinless bronzes can be not only beryllium but manganese or aluminium as well, depending on the main alloying component. Chromium coppers are manufactured in accordance with GOST 18175−78. This standard is applied to pressure-treated tinless bronzes, which intended for a manufacture of semi-fabricates.

Coefficient of friction with lubricant = 0.01

Coefficient of friction without lubricant =0.12

Alloy hardness: HB 10 -1 = 70 — 90 MPа

Point of melting = 995°С

Description Identification Description Identification
— differential deposit at a process of the first crack appearing, % å — ultimate tensile strength (rupture strength), MPa σv
— maximum shear stress, ultimate torsional strength, MPa — elastic strength, MPa σ0,05
— ultimate bending strength, MPa σ bend — conventional yield limit, MPa σ0,2
— fatigue endurance limit during bending test with symmetrical load cycle, MPa σ-1 — percentage elongation after rupture, % δ5,δ4,δ10
— fatigue endurance limit during torsion test with symmetrical load cycle, MPa J-1 — yield point (contraction), MPa σc 0,05 and σc
— amount of load cycling n — relative shear, % v
— specific electrical resistance, Ohm-m R and ρ — short ultimate tensile strength, MPa sv
— standard module of elasticity HPa E — contraction ratio, % ψ
— properties getting temperature, Degree T — impact hardness, which is established on specimens with concentrators in accordance with V and U types, J/cm2 KCU and KCV
— heating capacity of alloy (heat conduction coefficient), V/(m°С) l — permanent change of form — yield point (proportionality), MPa sT
— specific heat of alloy (temperature range is 20°С), [J/(kg-deg)] C — Brinell hardness HB
— density, kg/m3 pn and r — Vicker’s hardness HV
— lineal thermal expansion coefficient (in a temperature range of 20°С), 1/°С a — Rockwell hardness C HRC
— long time strength limit, MPa σtТ — Rockwell hardness B HRB
— module of elasticity at a process of torsional shear, HPa G — Shore hardness HSD


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