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Plate made of titanium

Titanium plate Titanium coil
Plate made of titanium


Titanium plate is a solid profile with a rectangular cross-section. It is made of grade 2 and such alloys as gost PТ3 В, gost PТ-14, gost ОТ4−1, gost ОТ-4, gost VТ-6, gost VТ-20 according to GOST 23 755−79. Plates of PT3 gost are manufactured in annealed condition. Grades 2, gost OT4, gost VT14 are made with a help of hot-rolling method without heat treatment. Surface of plate can be made with a pickling treatment or without it. It must not contain tears, flaws, laps, oxide scales, laminations, non-metallic and metallic inclusions, which glaringly obvious. Percentage composition complies with GOST 19 807 — 74. Sample capture for chemical composition is done according to GOST 24 231−80.

Titanium plate of grade 2

Thickness Shaping Unit measure Price
40 mm 500x1000 mm kg negotiated
40 mm 615x985 mm kg — «-
40 mm 670x1150 mm kg — «-
40 mm 650x1060 mm kg — «-

Titanium plate of gost VT14

Thickness Shaping Unit measure Price
25 — 300 mm 250 x -1240 mm kg negotiated

Titanium plate of gost OT4

Thickness Shaping Unit measure Price
12 mm 400x525 mm kg negotiated

Titanium plate of gost PT3V

Thickness Shaping Unit measure Price
14 mm 400x1115 mm kg negotiated


Titanium plate possesses resistance to heat, corrosion, effect of aggressive environment. It is non-hazardous for human. It does not have dread of atmospheric and soil moisture. Unlike steels, it is non-magnetic. It possesses significant mechanical strength, low heat conduction, acceptable working properties, good plasticity, weldability. Hardness of plate is sequence higher than aluminium hardness and higher than hardness of iron. Titanium does not lose strength in condition of strong cooling. Its strength even rises at cryogenic temperature. This property makes a titanium plate an indispensable material in air-space industry.


The only demerit of titanium plate is its high self-cost. Due to unique properties titanium requires heavy expenses at manufacturing. However, despite high self-cost, a requirement of titanium mill-products annually increases.


Titanium plate is used in manufacture of details that work at a temperature up to +450°С. It is an indispensable material in chemical industry, rocket engineering, shipbuilding, aviation, mechanical engineering.
VT6 gost grade possesses high strength-to-density ratio, corrosive and heat resistance. Such properties give advantage when making fuselages, jet turbine blades, fresh-air intakes, jet nozzle of framework, landing gears, fasteners, pylon mechanisms, wings, engine details, hydraulic actuators; in rocket engineering (fasteners, skin coverings). Due to its resistance in sea water, in shipbuilding, there can be made various propeller screws, platings, shipboard equipment .

OT titanium grade is used in NAVY, aviation, chemical industry, mechanical engineering. Its surface must be absolutely ideal — without scallops, flaws, roughness. OT-4 gost grade that has aluminium and magnesium masteralloys can withstand a temperature of +350°С during 2000 hours. It relates to wrought alloys. It is easy to weld with an electron-beam, argon-arc and contact methods of welding. It is hard to imagine modern gas output and petrochemical industries, process industries without using titanium plate.


It keeps in indoor warehouse at particular temperature conditions. It guarantees a proper protection from mechanical and other damages.

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