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HN45JU tube


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Alloy of grade HN45JU is a heat-resisting alloy, which consists of nickel (44−46%), chrome (14−16%), iron (30,85−38,1%). Aluminium (2,9−3,9%), caesium (0,03%), phosphorus (<0,02%), mangan, silicon (1%), carbon, barium (>0,1%), sulphur (0,02%) should be added to charge mixture in the capacity of masteralloys. Alloying with the aid of aluminium, mangan, silicon helps to withstand a contact with an aggressive environment. It happens like this because while heating, these elements form the hard protective films (oxides) on a surface.

Percentage composition, GOST 5632−72

Ni Al Cr Mn Fe Mn Si P Si S Ce
44−46 2.9−39 14−16 ≤1 31−38 ≤1 0.15 0.02 ≤1 ≤0,012 ≤0,03

Main properties

Alloy is resistant to a corrosion at high temperatures in air and in gas environment. High heat-resistance depends on a structure of crystal lattice and stable bonds between atoms.


E 10— 5

a 10 6

l r
Degree MPa 1/Degree V/(m/degree) kg/m3
20° 2.07     7760
200° 1.92 15.9 12.2  
400° 1.78 16.55 15.4  
600° 1.56 19 19.2  

A tube is in great request in electric power installations, heating devices where are needed the elements that possess a heat-resistance, a corrosive resistance. Tubes of such type are used while removing combustion products in industrial heaters and various boilers. Such tubes are fairly malleable. This allows using them in chimney stack constructions and other systems at any angle.


It is used in a manufacture of traveling kiln grids, slot furnace rollers. They serve for a fast firing of ceramic tiles, for flat household ceramics and other ceramic products. A tube is used in details of burner devices. It is also widely used in a manufacture of electric thermal transducer casings because it does not dirt a thermocouple electrodes and gives a reliable protection to thermocouple wire while working in nuisance conditions or aggressive environment. Tube can withstand a temperature of <1250−1300°C during a long term period. It also possesses a high load resistance at high temperatures. That is why it is used in the capacity of bearing material in a manufacture of nuclear power units, steam and gas turbines, jet engines.

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