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Lutetium metal

General characteristics

Lutetium is a silvery-white super-malleable metal. It belongs to a group of lanthanides. This is an element of the 3rd group of periodic system, where it іs designated as Lu. Atomic number is 71 and atomic weight is 174.967. Lutetium additives were firstly found in gadolinite mineral. Nowadays, industrial manufacture applies the methods of ionic-exchange, fractional crystallization and extracting for separating it from other lanthanides. LuF3 recovers to a form of metal with a help of calcium. This metal is the most refractory and hard in the rank of lanthanides. Its melting point is 1663 °C.

Physical properties of Lu

Description Identification
Atomic (molal) weight mole/h 174.967
Oxidation rate 3
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point 1663°С
Molecular volume cm3/mole 17.8
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 16.4
Evaporation heat kJ/mole 402

Chemical properties

Lutetium covers with a protective oxide film at standard conditions in air. It is oxidized at a temperature of more than 400 °C and reacts with halogens, sulfur and other non-metals. It dissolves by mineral acids with salifications. It can easily form fluorides with hydrofluoric acid. Hydroxide Lu (ОН) 3 is obtained at hydrolysis of soluble salts.


Lutetium is a basis of conductive heat-resisting ceramics. Lutetium alloys are magnetic materials that allow use them for cylindrical magnetic domains and data carriers. Modern physics utilizes Lu2 О3 oxide for neutron absorbers in nuclear reactors, activation detectors, for regulating of superconductive properties of metal-oxide ceramics. Oxide additives of europium, samarium, lutetium are specified by GOST 23 862.3−79. Chrome-nickel heat-resistant alloys are doped with lutetium for increasing of workability and mechanical properties. Available mill-products: sheet, wire, rod.

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