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Dural tube


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
D16AT Buy from stock, view availability
D16BT Buy from stock, view availability
D16T Buy from stock, view availability
D16 1160 3.1355 AA2024 AlCuMg2 Buy from stock, view availability

Duralumin appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. It was named after a small industrial German town where it was first melted in a metallurgical plant. Alfred Wilm, a German metallurgical engineer, discovered the possibility of fivefold hardening of aluminum. For this purpose he added 4% copper and tempered the resulting alloy with a subsequent 5-day soaking period.


Dural pipe looks like a hollow profile of different cross-section. GOST 18 482-79, 18 475-82, 23 697-79 regulate the production of D16 alloy tubes. GOST 4784-97 specifies chemical composition. Duralumin pipes are marked as follows. Normal cladding is А, technological cladding is B, unclad pipes do not have additional marking. Quality of finish is standard, precision manufacturing is normal. The following types of pipes are distinguished according to their material condition: hot-pressed - without additional heat treatment, hardened and naturally aged - T. Products that have undergone hardening must not have any traces of burnout. After termination of heat treatment dural pipes are subjected to tests.

Basic qualities

Dural pipes of D16 grade are highly ductile, have low weight, are very well machined, easily spot-welded. To achieve corrosion resistance of the material, it is clad with pure aluminum. To increase durability - it is subjected to heat treatment. Cold deformation makes the material very hard, and annealing makes it ductile and workable. If you compare dural pipe with steel, dural is much lighter, lasts longer, while it is cheaper.


For reliable lightweight structures, dural pipe is indispensable. When creating food equipment, frames of high-speed trains, planes, cars, it enjoys great popularity. Duralumin pipe is often used for fragments of facades, laying special-purpose pipelines.

Duralumin pipe

Mark Thickness of wall in millimeters Diameter in millimeters Price per p.m.
D16AT, D16BT From 1 to 12 From 6 to 155 negotiated
Д16Т 1 to 12 From 6 to 155 negotiated
Д16 From 1 to 12 From 6 to 155 negotiated


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