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Round, wire, tube, sheet, ribbon, V95,


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
В95 7075 AlZnMgCu1.5 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Thanks to its versatility, buy round aluminum alloy V95 brand is almost the perfect solution in creating structures designed in compression. This material has the highest tensile strength among aluminum alloys. But this is not its only advantage.

Rod (circle) has the following characteristics:

• the hardness of material up to 125 MPa;

• tensile strength up to 520 MPa;

• plasticity;

• resistance to the adverse effects of the external environment;

• the yield point up to 440 MPa.

The percentage composition of (GOST 4784−97)

Fe Si Mn Cr Al Ti Mg Zn Cu Impurities
≤0,5 ≤0,5 0,2 — 0,6 0,1 — 0,25 With 86.2 — 91.5 per ≤0,05 1,8 — 2,8 5 — 7 1,4 — 2 ≤0,1


Aluminum alloys V95 is produced in accordance with standards GOST 14838−78 alloy, the chemical composition of which is regulated by standards GOST 4784−97. Sampling for chemical composition control is made according to the norms of GOST 24231−80. This wire is an elongated profile of a small diameter of foundry alloys. Due to the higher content of copper and silicon, it becomes extra firmness, well-welded and processed. To increase resistance to corrosion are used in anodic oxidation. Wire supplied: naturally aged, replacerange, hardened and without heat treatment. After quenching the product must not have any trace of burnout. All the necessary tests they undergo after the thermal treatment. Accuracy of manufacturing and strength is normal, and the quality of surface finish — standard.


Wire V95 very well handled, welded using spot welding have sufficient ductility. Resistance to corrosion is increased through the cladding of pure aluminum. For hardening is a cold deformation or heat treatment.

Mechanical properties of the material t° =20°C

Assortment GOST sin sT d5 Heat treatment
MPa MPa % -
Pipe 18482−79 490−510 375−400 5−7  
Rod 21488−97 490−530 390−420 4−6 Quenching and artificial aging
Rod, high strength 51834−2001 550−570 480−490 6 Quenching and artificial aging
Tape 13726−97 245   10 Annealing
Plate 17232−99 470−490 390−410 2−4 Quenching and artificial aging

In order to increase the service life of wire usually applied anodized surface. In combination with alloying additives (in particular copper) this allows to significantly increase the corrosion resistance of the material even under stress.


Manufacturing prefabricated structures, small fasteners. This wire can withstand a considerable load, are widely demanded by the transport engineering, construction, food industry. Aluminum Bicycle of the brand is indispensable in the design of modern aircraft. This material is available spotwelding worse, TIG.


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