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Aluminum Circle


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
HELL 1015 Buy from stock, view availability
AD1 1013 Al99.3 Buy from stock, view availability
AD31 6063 3.3206 AlMg0.7Si Buy from stock, view availability
AK4-1 Buy from stock, view availability
AK6 2117 AlCuMg0.5 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical Characteristics

Aluminium round is made of both pure aluminium and aluminium alloys. Consumer properties depend on the ratio of chemical elements in the composition, on the methods of heat treatment , etc. factors. There are several grades, which are labeled depending on the physical and technical properties and characteristics of production.

Grade AMZ has excellent corrosion properties, electrical conductivity and sufficient ductility. Well welded with other metals. It is produced by cold rolling and pressing.

Grades of series AD, more ductile than the previous ones, have increased strength as additionally subjected to heat treatment. They are used for hot rolling.

AK-series grades are well tolerant of high temperatures, but are poorly protected against corrosion, and have a difficult to weld. All grades, despite their differences, are made on the basis of GOST 24 231-80.


The first method: hot rolling and pressing. The second way is based on the cold working of metal. Depending on customer requirements make circles of different diameter, ovality, curvature and accuracy. Depending on the requirements, the circles are made softer, hardened or annealed. Artificial aging and hardening are used. Production technology is regulated by GOST 26 877-91. The indispensable condition after the production is the testing of technological qualities.

Quality .

Surface of circles must be smooth, silvery-white and clean. According to GOST 21 488-97 the surface must have no microcracks, potholes, delaminations of metal, different foreign inclusions and traces of corrosion. The surface of the aluminum should be smooth, the ends must be evenly cut and have no burrs.


Aluminum circle is needed to create lightweight structures. Due to its unique properties, such as lightness, plasticity, specific strength, resistance to corrosion and low temperatures, it is used in virtually all fields: electrical engineering, transportation engineering, food processing, shipbuilding, aerospace industry and others. It is also used in the manufacture of various weldments.


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Aluminum bar

Mark Diameter, mm Price
AD1 20-150 As agreed
AD31 (AD31T) 20-150 --- "---

Round aluminum

Mark Diameter, mm Price
AK4-1 (AK4-1T1) 20-250 As agreed
AK6 20-250 --- "---
AMg (AMg3, AMg2, AMg3M, AMg6, AMg5) 8-450 --- "---
AMZ 8-3OO 8-300 --- "---

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