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Wire made of brass


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
L80 2.0250 CuZn20 Buy from stock, view availability
L68 2.0280 CuZn33 Buy from stock, view availability
L6Z Buy from stock, view availability
LS59-1 2.0402 CuZn39Pb1 Buy from stock, view availability
LS58-2 Buy from stock, view availability


Brass relates to doped copper alloys. Brass wire has higher strength in comparison with copper. By means of residual elements (Al and Zn), it obtains additional resistance to effect of soil and atmospheric moisture, seawater, diluted organic acids. Plumb additives make brass extra resistant to corrosion. Such wire has high wearing resistance, plasticity, attractive aesthetic look. It is durable, reliable, non-allergenic. It complies with the most rigorous SNiP standards. It differs with supreme level of workability. Brass wire can be easily bent and pressure treated in cold or hot position. It is much-requested in various industries.


Brass is not the most strong material if to compare it with steel alloys or other metals.


It is used in manufacture of electric-power contact pairs, fine-meshed screens, filters for food and petroleum refining industries. It is widely used for welding in the capacity of masteralloy; for manufacture of cables, electromagnets, wires, core coils of electric motors, transformers in electric power industry. It is requested in consumer goods manufacturing: footwear, textile industries, for example for pins, small copper tacks, and other findings. High level of workability makes it popular in modern industry.

Diameter, mm Weight Price
0,8 — 1 kg Negotiated
1,5 — 6 kg Negotiated
0,8 — 1 kg Negotiated
1.5 — 8 kg Negotiated

Brass wire can have square, round or hexagonal shape. Besides, by material state, wire can be hard, semi-hard or soft.

Name GOST TC Marking Cutting
Brass wire

12920, 1066−90, 5529−75 2, 02, 12920−67 0,8−11,5

IS 1О66

48−21−506З-7З, 48−21−5О27−7З 2, 0−15, 1845−001954З0−102−99 CuZn20 (2.0250), C26800 (CuZn33), CuZn37 (2.0321), C38000 (CuZn39Pb1), C35600 0,8−5, 0xL

GOST 1066 specifies wire manufacture of grades CuZn20 (2.0250), C26800 (CuZn33), CuZn37 (2.0321), C38000 (CuZn39Pb1). GOST 19703 specifies manufacture of details out of leaded brass C35600. Wire of general purpose is made according to GOST 1066−90 out of grades CuZn37 (2.0321), C38000 (CuZn39Pb1) (chemical composition GOST 15 527 2004). A sample capture for inspection of chemical composition complies with GOST 24 231−80. Cold deformation is usually used in manufacture. Such products are off-gauge goods with etched surface.


Marking defines alloy category and percentage composition of basic alloying components. Accuracy of manufacture can be extra, high, and standard.

Brass wire of general purpose

Wire GOST Marking Chemical composition
hexagonal cold-deformed, round, square. 1О66−9О CuZn37 (2.0321), C38000 (CuZn39Pb1), CuZn20 (2.0250), C26800 (CuZn33). GOST 15 527

Types of general purpose brass wire

By accuracy level Length Special manufacturing conditions Section shape Material state



coils (spoolers)


antimagnetic wire

extra conditions:

by strength

by surface quality

by out-of-roundness accuracy

by plasticity

specified limit for ultimate resistance in semi-hard state

hexagonal, round





Manufacturing method: drawn

Brass wire for cold heading

Wire GOST Marking Composition
Cold heading 12920−67 CuZn37 (2.0321) GOST 15 527

Brass wire for cold heading

Manufacturing method Accuracy Length Special manufacturing conditions Section shape Material state
Drawn (cold-deformed) extra, standard bobbins, coils antimagnetic round

semi-hard, soft


Brass welding wire

Wire GOST Marking
Welding 161З0−90 CuZn37 (2.0321), CuZn38Sn1 (2.0530)

Types of brass welding wire

Manufacturing method Length Section shape Material state
Drawn (cold-deformed)





random length





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