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Bar made of brass

Brass bar

Manufacture of brass bar

Brass can be not only two-component alloy of zinc and copper but multicomponent as well. Multicomponent alloy includes aluminium, silicon, tin, plumb, nickel, iron, manganese alloy. Pressed and drawn brass bar is made according to GOST 2060−2006. Composition is specified by GOST 15 527−2004. Sample capture and preparation of chemical composition are specified by GOST 24 231−80. Besides, brass bars can possess antimagnetic characteristics. Such bars are manufactured out of relevant non-magnetic alloys according to GOST 15 527.

Section Length Accuracy State Automagnetic type

— square

— hexagonal

— round

— oval

— in coils

— random

— specified

— standard

— extra

— high

— soft

— semi-hard

— hard

— antimagnetic with stub-ends

— soft with extra level of plasticity

— semi-hard with extra level of plasticity

— hard with extra level of plasticity

— standard plasticity, pressed

Perfect physical characteristics of brass bar allow performing any mechanical treatment, including drilling, milling, cutting, brazing, welding, stamping.


Valuable operational characteristics of brass bar lie in high corrosive resistance, non-magnetism, perfect workability. These properties became a reason why it is used in the most widespread industries of national economy: in instrument engineering, motor-vehicle engineering, shipbuilding, aircraft and space industry. Brass bar is an indispensable material in manufacture of electrical equipment, plumbing wares, some parts of reducing regulator. There can be made a lot of thing out of it: gears, bolts, nuts, screws, findings, a lot of types of stop valves, water and gas supply systems, parts of electromechanical installations and piston machine. Brass bar is often used in watch industry for small parts and cases.


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