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Pipe, wire, rod of tin bronze


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
C90300 Buy from stock, view availability
C90500 CuSn10Zn Buy from stock, view availability
2.1050 C90700 G-CuSn10 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Copper tin is tin bronze alloy, which relates to European bronze mill-products. Tin bronze contains up to 15,8% of tin, at that keeping alpha-copper structure. Copper alloys of tin are known by their resistance to corrosion. They possess high wearing quality and low coefficient of steel friction. Tin bronze is more malleable than red and semired brasses. European tin bronze can be marked as UNS C90300, C90500, C90700.

Percentage composition

Al Si Sn Pb Sb Fe Cu Ni Zn S P residual elements
≤0,005 ≤0,005 7,5−9 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 0,2 86−88 ≤ 1 3−5 ≤ 0,05 ≤ 1,5 ≤ 0,5

Alloy consists mainly of tin and copper. This metal has become one of the first metals people had mastered. In comparison with cuprum, it has more merits (for example hardness, workability, strength). An invention of bronze has opened up many various opportunities for people which they use until now.

Properties of bronze

Tin bronze is badly treated by pressure, cutting. That is why it is considered to be a casting metal. This alloy possesses high corrosive resistance and antifriction properties. It can be used for details of movers or in chemical industry for manufacturing fittings. Plumb is added to tin bronzes with an aim to improve pressure treatment. Plumb decreases rupture strength of tin bronzes. However, it can be balanced with other elements. Plumb, phosphorus can improve antifriction properties. Tin bronzes can also be alloyed with zinc, nickel, aluminium, arsenic. Zinc additive up to % does not change bronze characteristic. However, this makes it cheape. Bronze with zinc masteralloys is called «admiralty «. It is well protected from corrosion in seawater.


Humanity has smelted bronze since ancient times. Tin bronze is the most used among other alloys. It considered being a defense material for a very long time. There were founded guns out of it all the way up through 19th century. Modern tin bronze is used in sleeve bearings, toothed gears, piston rings, valves, fittings.

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