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Monel 400 (CuNiFeMn28-2.5-1.5) pipe


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
NMZHMts28-2.5-1.5 2.4360 N04400 NiCu30Fe Buy from stock, view availability

Monel is alloy on copper-nickel basis. It is a unique bearing material. It was patented in 1906 in England. Monel has got its name in honor of Abruaz Monel — the president of «International Nickel Co» company. This alloy is hardly treated and requires high temperature of hardening. Monel has high corrosion resistance, high strength limit. Except for nickel and copper, it has titanium and aluminium masteralloys in its composition. This allows keeping corrosive resistance and strength at huge range of temperature.

Technical characteristics

Monel 400 pipe can be also named as pipe of Nicorros alloy due to its high corrosive resistance. Chemical composition of alloy: nickel, copper — 28−34% iron — 1.5−2.5% manganese — up to 2%. Monel possesses such properties as high corrosive resistance to many chemical environments and keeping of mechanical strength at temperature raising (up to 550 °C). Alloy is welded with wolframium non-melting electrodes. Then, it is treated with pressure. Products made of Monel 400 alloy (CuNiFeMn28−2.5−1.5) or its analogues are much-requested in all areas due to their resistance to salt-loaded seawater, to hydrofluoric acid, to concentrated alkalis (except for NH4 OH). There is not recommended to use CuNiFeMn28−2.5−1.5 alloy for products that operate at a temperature of more than 375 °C in acid solutions enriched with oxygen and in acid environment.

Percentage composition of Monel 400 alloy

Mn C Si Ti Al S P Cu Ni Fe
1,2−1,7 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 0,5 1,2−1,7 2,2−2,5 ≤ 0,024 ≤ 0,02 28−34 no less than 63,0 1,5−2,5


Pipes made of CuNiFeMn28−2.5−1.5 alloy or Monel 400 analogues comply with GOST. Products of this alloy are not exposed to fire deformation in enriched with oxygen environment. They do not have magnetic properties. Pipe made of Monel 400 (CuNiFeMn28−2.5−1.5) is used in shipbuilding, chemical and petroleum industry, pharmaceutical manufacture and in making of various details that can be damaged by corrosion. This alloy can reliably protect from rust formation. Used in equipment of petroleum-refining and pharmaceutical industries; in pumps intended to mine water intake. This alloy can be also used as bearing material for decorations in architecture. It can be included in bimetal composition. In this case, they are applied on a surface by thermal spraying.

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