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Skin-pass cold-rolled sheet made of stainless steel

Stainless hot rolled plate Skin-pass stainless cold-rolled sheet Perforated stainless sheet


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
08X18H10 EI825 1.4301 304 X5CrNi1810 Buy from stock, view availability


Cold-rolled sheet made of stainless steel relates to thin-gauge stainless mill-products. According to GOST, its thickness must not exceed 3.9 mm. Its standard width constitutes more than 500 mm. Surface can be rough, skin-pass, or bright. There are utilized low-carbon steel grades for cold stamping. Cold-rolled sheets are manufactured of three quality classes — high, super-high and the best finishing.

DIN ASTM EN Surface Type
n (IIIc) 2V 2 B Heat processed, cold-rolled, pickled Skinpass surface
c2 (IIa) 1 1 D Heat processed, hot-rolled, pickled Hot-rolled
M (IIId) BA 2 R with an annealing in vertical furnace, cold-rolled, with ammonia solution Speculum


Cold-rolled stainless mill-products possess high corrosion resistance. This differs it from ferrous metal-roll. Attractive appearance and high workability are the advantages of stainless steel. Stainless sheets do not require repair or removal for a long time because they possess super-high wear resistance, resistance to high temperatures and aggressive environments. Ferrous metal and stainless steel have the same strength. But at that, stainless sheets have a lower weight.

Sheet X6CrNiTi18−10

Cold-rolled stainless sheet of X6CrNiTi18−10 grade is made out of high-quality steel that is resistant to effect of high temperatures and corrosion. It can operate in severe conditions of industrial aggressive environments. Due to this, it is hardly replaceable in chemistry, petroleum chemistry. It can work in wide temperature range in almost any industrial sector. The customer is attracted by its perfect weldability as long as it does not have any limits.


It is utilized in food, chemical industries in manufacture of welded capacities. Such sheets are used in industrial and civil engineering when making constructions, inside and outside finishing. It is indispensable in design interior works, in cladding of elevations. It is also widely used in mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, agriculture, and medicine.


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