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Steel 1.4662, S82441


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
14662 S82441 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical Characteristics

Biphase steel 1.4662 is an alloyed high-temperature steel for high-temperature applications up to 900°C. It is more ductile for deep forging than comparable alloys and is highly resistant to intergranular corrosion and corrosion cracking. In selecting a steel, the individual corrosion tests for temperature resistance, media contact stress and length of continuous operation under the specific conditions of industrial production are decisive.

Steel grade С N Mo Mn Cr Ni Cu
AM 641 ≤0.03 0,2-0,3 1,0-2 2,5-4 23.0-25 3,0-4,5 : 0.1-0.8
ASME II A SA-240 ≤0.03 0,2-0,3 1,0-2 2,5-4 23.0-25 3,0-4,5 : 0.1-0.8
ASTM A240 ≤0.03 0,2-0,3 1,0-2 2,5-4 23.0-25 3,0-4,5 : 0.1-0.8
EN 10088-2 ≤0.03 0,2-0,3 1,0-2 2,5-4 23.0-25 3,0-4,5 : 0.1-0.8
EN 10088-3 ≤0.03 0,2-0,3 1,0-2 2,5-4 23.0-25 3,0-4,5 : 0.1-0.8
  • Biphase steel 1.4662 (according to UNS S82441) has a number of advantages: resistance to corrosion;
  • resistance to stress cracking;
  • wear resistance;
  • mechanical strength;
  • good weldability;
  • low coefficient of thermal expansion.


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