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Molybdenum sheet


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Molybdenum sheet has high module of elasticity, low coefficient of thermal expansion. Due to these properties, it is used in the most complicated technological manufacturing conditions. It differs with unique mechanical strength, refractory quality, and corrosion resistance. In comparison to tungsten sheet, molybdenum sheet is half lighter. That is why it has high strength-to-density ratio (up to +1370 °С).

Physical properties

Description Identification
Temperature of characteristic receiving in °С 20°С
Density [g/cm3] 10.2
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α [1/°С] 4,9x10-6
Melting point 2620°С
Specific heat at 20 °C [J/(kg/deg)] 0.256
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 142
Specific electric resistance R Оhm-mm2/m 0.054

Additive effect

Pure molybdenum does not react with cold alkalis or solutions of inorganic acids. Additives of aluminium, nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, calcium, silicon, iron, sulfur, phosphorus greatly change its properties. The most detrimental additive is oxygen. If its content is 0.0008−0.004%, it increases brittleness and obstructs metal flow (especially at presence of carbon + nitrogen).With increasing of oxygen percentage (more than 0.015%), pressure treatment becomes impossible because of brittleness. Titanium-molybdenum sheet can operate at a temperature of up to +1500°C; molybdenum that alloyed with silicon — at a temperature of up to +2000°C. Sheet that has silicon-alkali additive possesses high tensile and bending strength, temperature of recrystallization in annealed condition. Alloying with cobalt increases plasticity in annealed condition.


The only demerit is its high self-cost. Molybdenum is a metal that relates to rare-earth elements. It is hardly isolated in a pure state. Molybdenum is refractory and hardly processed material.


Molybdenum sheets of grade M-MP can be made out of special powder in hot-rolled or cold-rolled state (composition is given below). Thickness of the hot-rolled sheets is 1−30 mm. Thickness of cold-rolled is 0.1−0.9 mm according to GOST 17 431 72.

Percentage composition of molybdenum powder

Name of component Ca Ni Al Si Mg Na Fe K Moisture + O Mo W
Percentage composition 0.007 up to 0,005 per every unit 0.003 0.015 0.014 0.05 0.3 Basis 0.4


It is applied in manufacture of heat-resistant settings, heat-resistant containers, boats etc. Due to thermal expansion coefficient identity of glass and molybdenum, thin sheet of grade MCHWP, MCH serves for manufacture of current injections of electric vacuum devices.
It is also used in heating elements of electrical furnaces that work in hydrogen atmosphere at a temperature of not more than 1600 °C. Molybdenum tin-plate is utilized in X-ray equipment and radioelectronics for manufacture of electrical-vacuum devices.

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