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Pipe made of HN78T


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
ХН78Т EI435 2.4630 N06075 NiCr20Ti Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

This grade HN78T is manufactured with a help of open-type remelt method. This alloy is widely used in industries for manufacturing floating details that are exploited at a temperature range of 1000−1100°C (f. e. in manufacturing of flame tubes, thermocouple cases, combustion chambers etc.)

International analogous grades of alloy are marked as 2.4951NiCr20Ti (Germany), GH3030 (PR China). Alloy has main types of mill-products: tube, wire, strip, sheet, rod. Due to high nickel content, it relates to a group of heat-resisting materials. Its main demerit is non-stability to environments that contain sulphur. It causes a brittle behavior. Its oxidation rate is 0,2 mm/h up to a temperature of 1100 °C.

Chemical composition of alloy

Ni Fe Cr Ti Mn Si P C S
70.003−80.85 ≤6 19−22 0.15−0.35 ≤0,7 ≤0,8 ≤0.015 ≤0,12 ≤0,012

Mechanical properties at t° of 20°С

— short term limit of lasting-quality is from 590 up to 880 MPa (depending on a type of product). It decreases with a temperature rising;

— elongation at break is not more than 40%;

— in a process of heating up to 900 °C a maximum elongation ration is 90%;

— for permanent deformation a flow limit changes depending on type of mill-products. It does not exceed 300 MPa; A minimal index at a temperature of 800 °C is 98 MPa. When a temperature is closer to 1100 °C, it rises to 105 MPa;

— contraction ratio is not more than 50%;

— heat treatment performs at a temperature of 980 — 1100 °C. There is recommended a method of thermohardening in air or in water.

Physical characteristics at the temperature 100 °C

— thermal-expansion coefficient is 12,2 [1/deg];

— module of elasticity is 2,19 MPa;

— heat conduction coefficient or heating capacity of alloy is not more than 14,6 V/(m-deg);

— alloy density is 8, 38 g/cm³. It can insignificantly change at a temperature rising;

— electrical resistivity- 1,1 Ohm-mm2/m;


Alloy is used in manufacturing a bar section and detail forging. They work at a temperature that does not exceed 1100 °C. Alloy is widely used in aircraft mechanical engineering, manufacture of engines. Wire of this alloy is in much-request when welding nickel alloys in energetic mechanical engineering or when welding metallic constructions made of carbon and stainless steel. While doing this, there must be used electrodes and all-rolled wheels. Welding is performed with a previous heating up to a temperature of 200−300°С and further annealing of seams.

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