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Tube, sheet made of titanium gost VT16 alloy

Tube, sheet (plate)


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General characteristics

Titanium grade gost VT16 was invented by in 1963 by VIAM for manufacture of fasteners. Due to fairly large percentage of β-stabilizers, it contains a lot of β-phase (35 — 40%) in annealed condition. Strength of alloy is not very large (about 875 MPa) in annealed condition. Strength of more than 1400 MPa can be achieved by age-hardening and thermohardening.

Physical characteristics

Description Identification
Temperature at which are obtained actual characteristics: 20°С
Lineal expansion coefficient α x 106 at 100 °C [1/ °С] 8.4
Density of alloy g/cm3;

Elasticity module of 1 type Е [MPa] x 10-5 1.1
Specific heat of alloy at 200 °C [J (kg-deg)] 0.586
Heat conduction coefficient, l [V/(m-deg)] 8.37
Specific electric resistance Оhm-mm2/m 1.6

Technological advantages

It is easy to deform in hot and cold condition. Alloy is well welded by using any type of welding. It has high resistance to cut, low sensitivity to stress concentrates. It can easily withstand load with a shift. It possesses good effect of age-hardening and thermohardening. Threaded pieces and fasteners with diameter of 40 mm can durably work at a temperature up to 300 °C.
4,68 g/cm3   840−880°

Ductility and strength properties of deformed titanium semi-fabricates are much higher than in casting of the same grade in all conditions. Strength properties of material change depending on heat treatment conditions and obtained microcrystalline structure (basket braid, globular, sheet-like). Globular structure shows the greatest strength. Strength of basket braid structure is 87−98% upon globular. Strength of sheet-like structure is 75−85%. An influence quantity on a fatigue resistance of microcrystalline structure depends on skewness ratio of R — cycles.

Semi-fabricate Plasticity % Strength (MPa) Heat treatment KCU J/cm³
Hot-pressed tube of titanium grade gost VT16 more than 6% more than 760 Annealing more than 50

Heat resistance characterizes by the highest stress — creep limit. Under its influence, material is deformed by a given amount at a given temperature.

Main properties

Mill-products of titanium grade gost VT16 have high strength-to-density ratio, corrosion resistance, non-magnetization. It is not inferior to steel by its strength, but it is light-weight almost twice. This grade of titanium differs with heat resistance, low heat conduction. It is easy to stamp and to forge. It excels a stainless steel by a corrosion resistance. High labour-intensive characteristic and energy intensity of titanium manufacture are demerits of this alloy. Despite its high cost, it is much-requested due to a winning combination of service properties. Semi-fabricates of titanium gost VT16 can be well deformed at hot condition. Some basic operations of stamping are performed at a temperature of up to 850 ° C. Alloy is satisfactorily welded. It differs with excellent casting properties.


It is used in manufacture of threaded pieces and fasteners with a diameter of up to 40 mm. They can continuously operate at t° up to 300 °C. They have an unlimited resource at temperatures up to 130 °C.

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