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Aluminum tube


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
АД31 6063 ~3.3206 AlMg0.7Si Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristic

Produced the aluminum tube in accordance GOST 18482−79 (pressed aluminum tube), cold-deformed aluminum tube by OST 192 096−83, GOST 18475−82, GOST 23697−79 (straight aluminum welded tube) and due to GOST 18482−79 (cold-deformed aluminum tube). Aluminum tube produced by alloys, with chemical consist which corresponds to GOST 4784−97, 1131−76. Aluminum tube produced with the diameter 6−300 mm, the wall thickness is 0,5 — 40 mm, the length is from 1 to 12,5 m.

Preferential qualities and characteristics of aluminum tube is: resistant to corrosion (AD31 (AA6063)), performance in aggressive surrounds durability, small weight, external esthetic form, high thermal conductivity, diversity of form and size.


Due to the product length:

-Multiple to the measured length;

-Tube in coils: ENAW-3003, 1955, ENAW-1070A, ENAW-1060, ENAW-AlMn1, ENAW-1070A, ENAW-1050, EN AW-6060;

-Unmeasured length;

-Measured length;

Surface form:


-With smooth surface;

-With surface anodization or powder coating (increased resistance to corrosion);

By section:

-Circular section;

-Shaped section;

-Rectangular section;

-Square section;

By method of production:

-Pressed aluminum due to GOST 18 482−79 (length 1- 6 m);

— Straight aluminum welded tube due to GOST 23697−79;

— Cold-deformed aluminum tube due to GOST 18475−82, OST 192096−83;

By material:

-Annealed (M);

— Hardened (T, T1);

— Cold-worked;

By wall thickness:

— less than 5 mm — thinwall;

— more than 5 mm- thickwall.

Uses alloys

In accordance to GOST 4784−74: 1925С, 3003, 1925, AlZnMg1, A199.0, ENAW-1070A, Inconel 62, ENAW-1050A, ENAW-2024, ENAW-Al99.35, AA6151, ENAW-2017A, ENAW-AlCuMg0.5, ENAW-7075, AA5654, AA5056, AI-P6082, ENAW-5051A, 1560, 5754Н22, AlMg0.7Si.

In accordance to GOST 1131−76: 1191.

In accordance to GOST 11 06: ENAW-1050A, ENAW-1070A, ENAW-1060


Aluminum is one of the most common material in production of light construction, furniture, billboards and many others. Tube from that material apply to automotive industry, oil production, oil refining industry, for transportation of liquids in the food industry. Due to the lightness of the tube from that metal they are actively apply instead of boring steel tube. In boring process the aluminum tube undergoes negative influence of different factors, because of which, the most popular aluminum tube produced from titanium aluminum or duralumin. Tube from that metal is in demand too, especially, in production of frames for sport or mountain bikes. But, for that production the tube undergoes to pressed special forging and hydraulic compression. Due to the good thermal conductivity, the aluminum tube is indispensable in production of heating radiators.

Aluminum circled tube is used in the production of furniture, stage equipment, in different decorated elements. Square aluminum tube is used in the production of furniture wireframe. Aluminum rectangular tube is used in buildings, repairs of different constructions.

Duralumin tube

Duralumin, or as it is also called dural, is the most common type of aluminum alloy, in demand today. In this alloy, the alloying element is manganese, magnesium, copper. During heat treatment, duralumin tubes become high-strength, but its only drawback is the relatively low resistance to corrosion. To eliminate this drawback, duralumin tubes are clad with pure aluminum.

Nowadays, the duralumin tube has been widely used in aircraft building, radio modeling, shipbuilding, in the domestic sphere, in repair, in the construction of structures, in the production sector, in industry, and so on.

Cold-deformed aluminum tube

The mark of alloy Size, mm GOST OST Price
1 AlMg0.7Si 150x3 23697−79 192096−83 Negotiable
2 AA5005 150x3 ---«--- 192096−83 ---«---
3 ENAW-AlMn1; ENAW-3003 150x3 23697−79 ---«--- ---«---
4 AlMg0.7, 1955, 150x3 ---«--- ---«--- ---«---
5 ENAW-2017A 150x3 23697−79 ---«--- ---«---
6 AA615 150x3 ---«--- 192096−83 ---«---

Electro-welded aluminum tube

The mark of alloy Size, mm GOST ОSТ Price
1 1105 150x2.5 23 697−79   Negotiable
2 ENAC-44200 150x2.5 ---«---   ---«---
3 ENAW-2024 150x2.5 23 697−79   ---«---
4 1105 150x2   ---«---  
5 ENAC-44200 150x2 23 697−79   ---«---
6 ENAW-2024 150x2 ---«---   ---«---
7 ENAW-2017A 150x2, 150x2.5 23 697−79   ---«---
8 5754Н22 150x2, 150x2.5 ---«---   ---«---
9 ENAW-AlMg2 150x2, 150x2.5 23 697−79   ---«---
10 ENAW-1050A 150x3 ---«--- 192 096−83 ---«---
11 ENAW-Al99.35; 150x3 23 697−79 192 096−83 ---«---

The supplier «Auremo» offer to buy duralimun tube the next marks: ENAW-AlCu4Mg1, ENAW-2017A, ENAW-2024 (smooth and high-strength), 1165, IS307, 1190, В17 (due to GOST 4784−97), 1191 (due to GOST 4784−97). The width of the tube wall of the duralumin is from 1 mm, its diameter is from 10 mm.


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