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European aluminum

For those interested in European aluminum, Auremo has a wide range of products from all aluminum alloys. European aluminum meets the standards of the European Union. The product range is represented in a wide range: strip, tube, rod, sheet, plate, stamped products, semi-finished products of any profile. Sale of non-ferrous metals is one of the company's main lines of business; we guarantee not only certified quality of our products, but also favourable prices. Goods are already placed in our warehouses, we have the best price-quality ratio for the whole range of products.


Demand for aluminum is steadily growing with the development of aviation industry. Though it is inferior to steel and titanium alloys in strength, it has good electro- and heat conductivity, antifriction properties, it is easy to stamp and forge. Its cost is minimal, which is mainly due to the prevalence of aluminum in the earth's crust. Due to its winning combination of useful qualities, modern industry cannot do without it today. It surpasses many alloys and metals in its merits, above all in its anti-corrosion resistance. In our time, it is so in demand that it is second only to iron alloys. Despite its low strength, the metal is economically viable as it is extremely durable.


Aluminum alloys, aluminum are relevant because of their optimal strength-to-weight ratio. They are indispensable today not only in transport engineering, aircraft construction, shipbuilding as a construction material, but also for interior and exterior design of buildings. The demand for this material increases every year. Alloying further improves the properties of the metal. The main alloying components are Mn, Cu and Mg. Copper normally contains 4.4%, manganese 0.5%, and magnesium 1.5%. Magnesium and copper are used to make the alloy stronger. Manganese, due to its properties, refines the structure, thereby increasing resistance to corrosion and strength. In addition to the above elements, silicon and iron are also used in the composition. Fe is considered a harmful impurity, reduces strength and ductility. Si helps to reduce the harmful effects of iron, binding it to a certain extent.


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Supplier "Auremo" offers to buy European aluminum in bulk or in installments. The price depends on the volume of the order and additional terms of delivery. The price is discounted in case of bulk purchase. Our managers are always ready to answer current questions and provide expert assistance. And a wide range of products will not leave you without a choice. All products are certified. Quality is guaranteed by strict compliance with production technology. The price is the best in this segment of rolled products. If necessary, you will receive comprehensive advice. Availability of goods and prompt delivery are provided by our representative offices located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Eastern European cities.