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40HNJU wire, rod, bar


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Alloy of 40KHNJU grade relates to a group of precision non-magnetic alloys. They are used in manufacturing details of a special purpose, for example, in resistant to corrosion non-magnetic bearings. A usage of alloyed steels depends on work condition. In comparison with analogous materials, this alloy possesses a high continuous operating period in specific conditions. It demonstrates an excellent resistance to a grain boundary attack and to corrosion cracking.


Nowadays, the main properties of age-hardened alloy 40KHNJU are well known. Besides, we are aware of an influence of further heat treatments on structural phase condition and mechanical properties including properties of dimensional stability that determine a preservation and obtaining a high accuracy of gas-lubricated bearing details. In a process of defining the optimum hardening behavior of this alloy, there was found out an index correlation of a dimensional stability and conditions of age-hardening. For example, a precision elastic limit is σ 10-4.There was defined a temperature range of age-hardening (400−550°С), which is perspective for obtaining a high magnitude of elastic precision maximum at preservation required level of plasticity.


Alloy 40KHNJU differs with rare physical, mechanical properties (magnetic, elastic, heating an electrical). Properties of precision alloys are caused by an accuracy of chemical composition, carefulness of manufacture, processing, and absence of residual elements. An actual category relates to high-doped alloys. They are manufactured on a basis of iron and are alloyed with nickel, copper, niobium, cobalt.


Type Description
limitedly weldable welding is possible at heating to 100−120°С and last heat treating
hardly weldable in order to obtain a qualitative welded joints, it is necessary to perform the following operations: before welding to heat details up to 200−300°C, heat treating (annealing) after welding
weldable without stint welding is done without further heat treating or previous heating

Percentage composition:

Ni P Mn S Fe Si C Mo
≤0,02 19−21 15−17 ≤0,02 10.74 -18.73 1,8−2,2 ≤0,5 39−41

Mechanical features at a temperature 20 °C.

Dimensions Size Heat treatment F.e. sT y d5 sv KCU
- mm - - MPa % % MPa kJ/m2

Thermohardening 1100 — 1150 °C, oil

Age-hardening 400 — 450 °C, 4 — 4 hours,

2400−3000 3200−3800            
Cold-worked strips 0.1 — 2 Age-hardening 450 — 550 °C, 2 — 4 hours, 1670          
Alloyed steel wire 2450−2650              

Mechanical characteristics

Description Identification
Short resistance to rupture [MPa] sv
Flow limit (proportional limit load) for permanent change of form [MPa] sT
Percent elongation at fracture [ % ] d5
Contraction ratio y
Impact hardness [ kJ/m2] KCU
Brinell hardness [MPa] HB

Physical characteristics

Description Identification
Modulus of elasticity of first genus [MPa] E
Heating capacity of material (or coefficient of conductivity for heat) [V/(m/deg)] l
Required temperature for obtaining of actual features, [Degree] T
Linear expansion thermal coefficient [1/Degree] (range of temperatures 20°С) a
Electrical unit-area resistance [Ohm-m] R
Density of an actual material, [kg/m3] r
Specific heat of a material [J/(kg/degree)] (range of temperature 20°С) C

Magnetic characteristics

Description Identification
Coercive field (not higher) [A/m] Hc
Magnetical inductive capacity (not higher) [mH/m] Umax
Specific loss (not higher) 50 hz of frequency, magnetic induction 1.0 Т[ B/kg ] P1.0/50
Magnetic T induction, magnetic field strength no less than 100, in magnetic field, [A/m] B100

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