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GOSTs of special purpose steel

Auremo's Concise Handbook of Stainless Alloys.

Delivery form: castings, sheets, tubes, fittings, bands, rounds, wires, forgings.

Used in the production of stamp-welded structures that have complex shapes.

Designations Or Scope of application GOST and TU
EP628 03Х11Н10М2Т Highly loaded discs, gears, spindles, worm gears working in the range of t° from -196 ° to +500 °C; 190005-91, 192049-76
EI 03CR22NI6M2 Chemical engineering 5632-72
EI609 07CR12NIMBF Corrosion-resistant steel for production of special machine parts. 14-1-931-74
EP33 10Х11Н23ТМР Corrosion-resistant steel for further cold machining. 14−1-1995−76,14−131−759−88
KH12N2VMF, EI962 11Х11Н2В2МФ-sh Blades, compressor discs and other loaded parts.
1Х12Н2ВМФ 13CR11NI2V2MOF Blades, compressor disks and other loaded parts. 14-1-3297-82
15X5M Production of gate valves, pipes, fasteners and other parts from which oxidation resistance is required. 20 072-74
EP517 15Х12Н2МВФАБ. Corrosion-resistant steel for the production of special equipment parts. 14-1-1161-75
EP866 15Х16К5Н2МВФАБ Production of special equipment parts. 14-1-2756-79
EP479 15Х16Н2АМ-ш Corrosion-resistant steel for production of special-purpose machinery parts. 14-1-948-74
ЭИ415, ЭИ579 20CR3MVF Rotors, disks, rods, fasteners; high pressure pipes/ 20072-74
4Х12Н8Г8МФБ, ЭИ481 37Х12Н8Г8МФБ-sh. Turbine disks up to 1 m in diameter and weighing 50 - 500 kg, fasteners and other parts that work with a limited service life at 600-650 ° C. Carbide-strengthened high-temperature outtense steel. 5632-72
4CR14N14V2M 45CR14N14V2M Forgings, forgings, motor valves, pipeline parts up to 650 °C. 5949−75.14-М671−76\3092−81