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Rod, wire, tube, sheet, strip made of leaded brasses

Technical characteristics

Leaded brasses content by more than half of copper, 42% of zinc and up to 3% of lead. Such composition is very malleable and has corrosion resistance. As long as lead increases forgeability and plasticity, this significantly simplifies stamping and cold working: cutting, milling, chipping.

Percentage composition according to EN12165

Cu Zn Pb Fe P Sb Bi
57−61 35,6−42 0,8−2,9 ≤ 0,5 ≤ 0,02 ≤ 0,01 ≤ 0,003


Due to high corrosion resistance, leaded brasses are popular in making of details that work in atmospheric and soil moisture (f. e. for pump details, springs, valves). Wore, pipe, sheet, strip made of leaded brasses are indispensable in shipbuilding, housing and municipal services, electrical engineering, petroleum chemistry. These brasses are used in printing industry, manufacture of watches, motor-vehicle engineering.

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