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Strip made of titanium


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
BT1−00 Buy from stock, view availability
OT4-0 Buy from stock, view availability
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Titanium strip possesses a high strength, resistance to corrosion, to an effect of aggressive environment. It is easy to stamp and to forge. It is softer than many other structural metals. It can keep its properties in a wide temperature range — starting from cryogenic -250°С and up to a red heat temperature of steel. Unique strength-to-density ratio, a heat resistance, a wear resistance, a high creep limit make it an indispensable in modern industry. On the strength of all the advantages, it predominates other materials. It is biologically inert, non-magnetic; parts wear while operating is insignificant.


The only demerit is its high self-cost. Due to unique properties, titanium requires heavy expenses at manufacturing. However, in spite of its high cost, this metal is much-requested in modern industry.


It is used in manufacturing surgical instruments, prosthetic devices due to its biological inertness. Nowadays, titanium strip is almost an indispensable in manufacture of ships, jet propulsions, air components, vehicles. It is hard to imagine radio-electronics, defence industry, chemical, oil and gas industry, modern design without using it in XXI century. Usually, it is used in facade finishing and interior. Despite a high cost, a usage of strip is economically warranted of a softness, long operational life and strength of products.


It is made of grades 1, 2, gost ОТ4−0, with a thickness of 0,1 — 1 mm and wideness of 40−290 mm. According to GOST 90 027, a surface can be heat treated and pickled. Percentage composition according to GOST 19 807 — 74. They are produced according to the requirements of GOST 90 027.

Name Grade Standard Shaping
Titanium strip grade 1, grade 2, gost ОТ4−0 IS 1.90 027 0,1−0,45x20−220


It keeps under roof or in indoor warehouse with proper protection from various mechanical and other damages.


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