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Wire, round, rod of steel 12Х25Н16АР, ЭИ835

Wire, rod (bar) Sheet, strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
12х25Н16АР EI835 Buy from stock, view availability


Steel 12H25N16AP relates to heat-resistant alloys of austenitic class. Manufacture of heat-resistant rod is performed in accordance with GOST 2590−88. Steel wire, rod, bar of grade 12H25N16AP consist of nickel (15−18%), chrome (23−26%). By a means of masteralloys, there can be added manganese 5−7%, carbons (up to 0.12%), silicon (up to 1%), nitrogen (0.3 — 0.45%), borium (up to 0.01%), etc.

Percentage composition of components, GOST 5632−72

C Si Mn Cr Ni N B S P Fe
≤ 0,12 ≤ 1,0 5,0 — 7,0 23 — 26 15 — 18 0,3 — 0,45 ≤ 0,010 ≤ 0,020 ≤ 0,035 Basis

According to technical conditions 14−1-997−2012, wire of this grade is allowed with a diameter of 1.0−6.0 mm. Starting temperature of forging 1160 °C, and at the end it is 900 °C.


Rod, sheet, wire made of austenitic steel 12H25N16AP can withstand a temperature of up to 950 °C at moderate stresses. Stainless welding wire of this grade is intended for welding of steels that are resistant to corrosion and for steels in thermohardened state. Wire of this grade is used by medical, chemical, food, building industries, energetics. Stainless rod of this alloy is broadly used in building of industrial installations, for manufacture of gas transmission systems, heat-transfer loops that are intended to operate up to 950 °C.


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