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Centrifugal casting made of titanium


A method of center die casting is used for obtaining castings with a rotation body form out of aluminium, steel, cast iron, and bronze. A form, which should be brought to rotation of 3000 r/min, is casted with a supernatant liquid. A pressure of centrifugal forces dispatches a whole liquid-alloy over the internal form surface. After cooling, there forms a film. If to cast them sequentially in form of various alloys, it allows obtaining dual bars.
During pressure crystallisation of liquid-alloy, centrifugal force allows obtaining sound castings without cinder inclusions and core blows. Such a technology allows obtaining internal vuggs without using cores. Besides, there economises an alloy because of absence of gate system. Usually, there are used vehicles that have horizontal axis of rotation in manufacture. A quantity of qualitative castings at the output constitutes 95%.

Advantages of centrifugal spun casting

High production rate, good quality, absence of non-metallic includes, slags, blowholes, maximal density of metal, wearing quality.

Range of products

There can be made bushes, slices, dead abutment, nuts, disks etc out of nickel and titanium with a help of this method. The most requested products are castings that have a form of rotation body: shells, hollow bars; rims of worm wheels, motor spindles, barrels of paper-making machines.


Center die casting is indispensable for details manufacture in machine-building industry, metallurgy, defence industry, mining industry, paper-and-pulp industry, downstream industry, motor-vehicle engineering, shipbuilding.


There must be done a normative exterior check, test of mechanical casting properties, analysis of chemical composition at manufacture of centrifugal spun casting. There are used such methods of quality control as gamma-ray, radioscopic flaw detection, ultrasonic check, luminescent inspection. Sometimes castings can be put on trial under pneumatic and hydro pressure. In order to avoid a dummy flaws, they are exposed to isostatic hot pressing. It draws its structure nearer to a structure of forged metal.


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