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Solder POS40


Tinning and soldering any electrical equipment, all parts made of galvanized iron and have sealed seams. Easy to solder brass, copper wire and iron.

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Wire with a diameter of 1−1,4 mm, with a diameter of 1.5−5 mm, a pig, a rod with a diameter of 8−15*


Melting point in degrees t° soldering in degrees (RJC) UD.weight in gr/cm3 UD.El.soprt. in мк0м*m on. when Rastas., in MPa
183 Solidus, Liquidus Line 238 290 9,3 0,159 3,8

Solders series POS (40, 61M, 61) in contrast to other brands of tin-lead solders provide an increased level of purity soldering.

Production GOST 21930−76 ()

Zn Ni Sb As Al Bi Fe Cu S Pb Sn
>0.002 0.02 0,1 0.02 0.002 0,2 0.02 0,05 0.02 58.766 — 61 39 — 41

Comparative characteristics of solders brand POS

Mark PIC Supply t° melting Application
30 Ingots, wire Ø 1−4 mm, rod 183−255°C Tinning and soldering of radiators, brass and sheet zinc
40 Ingots, wire Ø 1−4 mm, rod 183−238°C For soldering electrical equipment, parts of galvanized iron, creating a watertight seams.
60 Ingots, wire Ø 0,5−4 mm, rod 183−190°C Soldering of radio equipment, printed circuits, precision instruments.
90 Bars 183−220°C Soldering and tinning of household and medical equipment


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