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Welding wire made of ER 308 LSi


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
06Х19Н9Т H-60 308LSi Buy from stock, view availability

Field of application

Corrosion-resistant welding wire of grade ER 308 LSi is used for semi-automatic welding of stainless steels (19−9) in shielding gasses and their mixture, for manual arc welding of critical constructions made of austenitic steels: X12CrNiTi18−10, X10CrNiTi18−9 and identical to them that operate at high temperatures of 570−650°C and pressure. ER 308 LSi is also applied for welding of analogous grades of steels if there are no severe requirements to intercrystalline corrosion resistance.

Percentage composition according to GOST 2246−70

Ti Si C Mn P Cr Ni S Fe
0,5 — 1 0,4 — 1 ≤0,08 1 — 2 ≤0,03 18 — 20 8 — 10 ≤0,015 Basis

This wire is manufactured according to technical conditions 1220−005−84 823 540−2010, GOST 2246−70, and RD 03−613−03. Tolerance extremes and diameter of wire comply with below listed indexes:

Diameter, mm Tolerances, mm
1;1.2 -0,09
0,8 -0,07
1,6 -0,12
Grade Percentage composition Ultimate tensile strength (kgf/mm²) 640
ER 321 Mn=1,0−2,0
Percentage of elongation 35
ER 321 Mn=1,0−2,0
Yield strengt limit, not less than (MPa) 430
ER 321 Mn=1,0−2,0


Average minimum index (J)



Cassette with a weight of 15−18 kg (K -300). Bobbin with a weight of 5 kg (D-200). It is delivered in bobbins (85−100 kg), wire-frame metallic coils K415, K300, plastic coils D200, 300. Standard diameter of wire: 0,8 mm; 1,2 mm; 1,6, 2 mm, 3 mm (we can make a required diameter to order).

Advantages of application

— permanent diameter over length of wire, high characteristics of welded seam, layers tight winding;

— qualitative wire guarantees a stability of current contact jaws (contact point — wire) and regulates an arc burning.

Mechanical properties

Ultimate tensile strength of high-alloyed and alloyed wire that complies with standards.

Diameter, mm Ultimate tensile strength of electrodes Ultimate tensile strength, kgf/mm2 (MPa), wire for deposit welding
Welding 2,0 637−931 (65−95) kgf/mm2 (MPa) 686−1029 (70−105)
2,0 686−980 (70−100) kgf/mm2 (MPa) 784−1176 (80−120)
1,6 686−980 (70−100) kgf/mm2 (MPa) 882−1274 (90−130)
0,8 — 1,5 - 882−1323 (90−135)

Percentage composition of weld metal

V N Al Cu P S W
0,04 0,02 0,03 0,03 0,023 0.006 0,05
Cr Ti Mo Mn Si C Ni
18,14 0,71 0,08 1,12 0,59 0,06 8,25

Welding position:

N45, W1, G, N1, 2, P1, 2.

Technological characteristics of weld metal

Deposit welding of metal is performed in argon environment (inert gas). Formation quality of filling, root, and facing seam layers depend on stable arc burning.

Mechanical characteristics (testing while welding under flux) of weld metal

Grade MPa, Ultimate tensile strength, TS Yield stress limit YS, MPa Contraction ratio [%] Impact hardness
ER 321 592,3 319,2 36 120.2 — 85.6

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