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Steel 10X17H13M2T


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
10X17H13M2T EI448 1.4571 316Ti X10CrNiMoTi18-12 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Due to many advantages, stainless pipe of grade X10CrNiMoTi18−12 (AISI 316Ti) is widely used in industrial manufacture, building, petrochemical, food, shipbuilding industries and other spheres. Heat-resisting steel of X10CrNiMoTi18−12 grade is an embodiment of optimal balance of cost and quality. It consists of 17% of chrome, 0.10% of carbon, 13% of nickel, up to 0,7% of titanium. Iron constitutes the rest. The aim of alloying lies in increase of heat resistance of and capability to withstand an influence of corrosive environment. A smelt of steel is performed in open arc furnace. Hot pipe is rolled at a temperature of 1100 °C at the beginning, and at 950 °C at the end of process.

Percentage composition of the alloy GOST 5632−72

Grade C Si Mo Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti S P Fe
X10CrNiMoTi18−12 ≤ 0,1 0.8 2 — 3 16 — 18 ≤ 0,3 ≤ 2 12 — 14 ≤ 0,7 0.02 0.035 the rest


Welded pipe, made with a help of laser or TIG welding, has a seam with a strength coefficient that equals to 1. It means that strength of the main material and welding seam are identical.

Types of pipes

Pipes are manufactured of two types: shaped and circular. Shaped pipe has a shape of cross-section that can be oval, square, plane-oval, rectangular. Square pipes of shaped section are used in mechanical engineering, metal-working, manufacture of furniture. Shaped welding rectangular and square shaped pipes are applied in metallic constructions (building and mechanical). Pipes of shaped section are made on special-purpose equipment out of seamless or welded circular tubes with a draft to necessary dimensions in rolls.

The main advantages of square and rectangular pipes are:

— Ease of installation of constructed structures;

— Decrease of weight and usage rate of metallic constructions;

— High resistance to metallic constructions at reversed loads.

— Ease of pipe lying over flat roof.


The length of X10CrNiMoTi18−12 pipe can be:

— random (1.5−10 meters)'

— cut, with a maximum deviation of +15 mm;

— multiple cut — with an over length of every cut of up to 5 mm but not more than +15 mm through the full length;

— limited length — with extreme deviation over length (500 mm).


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