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Molybdenum and its alloys


Molybdenum is a frequent component of special alloys that are needed in modern electrical engineering, motor-vehicle engineering, space and air-craft industries. Low percentage composition of this metal in Earth crust has become a major problem while searching for its deposit occurrence. It does not occur in native state. Despite low percentage of molybdenum mining, this index gradually increases year by year, when price landslides at that. A huge part of produced molybdenum is applied in the capacity of alloying additive to heat-resistant steel alloys.


Molybdenum is widely known as one of alloying element that has a property to increase strength and corrosion resistance. It is enough malleable and forgeable. These properties significantly simplify its working. However, there is one demerit — alloying with molybdenum increases not only metal strength but brittleness as well. Since oldest times, Japanese foremen have applied this metal for manufacture of arm blanches and used it in the capacity of alloying component for corrosion resistant and heat-resistant alloys.

Molybdenum alloys differ with high indexes of elasticity, low coefficient of expansion, resistance to temperature gradient (so called thermal shock) and low thermal-neutron capture cross-section. Molybdenum possesses just a little worse electrical conductivity than copper. But in comparison to iron, molybdenum has better electrical conductivity. This material is slightly inferior to tungsten, but it is much easier to process. Strength and refractory quality allow it to notably increase index of those alloys in which it is present.

Physical properties of Mo

Description Identification
Temperature of characteristic receiving in °С 20°С
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion α [1/°С] 4,9x10-6
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point 2620°С
Specific heat at 20 °C [J/(kg/deg)] 0.256
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 142
Specific electric resistance R Оhm-mm2/m 0.054


It is applied in manufacture of heating elements for high-temperature furnaces, thermal screens. Molybdenum wire, strip are used in construction of electron-beam devices and furnaces that work at very high temperatures. Different compounding’s (oxides, sulphides, molybdates) are used in the capacity of paint pigments and accelerators of chemical reactions. Hexafluoride MoF is applied for applying metallic Mo on different materials. MoS is utilized in the capacity of hard high-temperature lubricant. Molybdenum salts are included into composition of modern microfertilizers.

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