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Aluminum corner


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
D16 1160 3.1355 AA2024 AlCuMg2 Buy from stock, view availability


Aluminum corner is a solid flat profile, which is made according to GOST: 8617-81 or GOST 22 233-2001 and bent at right angles. It is made of such alloys as D16 and AD31 (whose chemical composition is regulated by GOST 4784-97). Of the alloys are rolled unplated angles, standard quality of finishing, normal strength and precision manufacturing. According to the ratio of the sides of angles are equal-shelved and not equal-shelved. Uneven-shelved - with different widths of flanges is in demand in the creation of any constructions of the most complex shape. According to the state of the material, all angles are divided into: hot-pressed, hardened, naturally aged and untreated,

Percentage composition of D 16 alloy

Fe Al Cr Mn Cu Zn Mg Si Ti+Zr Impurities
≤0,5 91-94,7 ≤0,1 0,3-0,9 3,8-4,9 ≤0,25 1,2-1,8 ≤0,5 ≤0,2 0,15


Aluminum pressed corners are made with a matte surface. They are supplied both in bulk and retail.

Side, mm Thickness of wall, mm Price
10x10 1,2 As agreed.
12x12 1,5 --- "---
15x10, 15x15 1,5-2 --- "---
20x20 1,5-2 --- "---.
25x25 2 --- "---
Z0x15, Z0x20, Z0xZ0 2 --- "---.
Z5xZ5 З As agreed.
40x20, 40x40 2 --- "---
45x45 2 --- "---
50x25, 50x30, 50x50 2-З --- "---
60x30, 60x40, 60x60 З-4 --- "---
70x70 2,5 --- "---
80x40, 80x80 З By arrangement.
100x50, 100x65, 100x100 5-10 --- "---
10x10 1,2 --- "---
45x45 2-З --- "---

Advantages of .

Angles grade AD31 have high resistance to corrosion, plasticity, manufacturability. Cold deformation or heat treatment is used to increase strength. Profiles of grade D16 have excellent formability, increased strength and resistance to destruction, excellent weldability and good workability. Resistance to corrosion can be greatly improved by means of cladding or anodic oxidation.

Applications for

Manufacturing of fencing, decorative structures. In mechanical engineering - various lightweight parts for automobiles, river and sea vessels, aircraft. In construction - as lightly loaded elements for interior decoration.

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