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Babbitt B16


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Technical Characteristics B16

Babbitt is an antifriction bearing alloy of antimony with tin and copper, or antimony with lead, copper and tin, or an alloy based on aluminum and zinc. The anti-friction property is given by their heterogeneous structure - solid particles which serve as bearing supports encased in a soft base of lead or tin. This will give the bearings a uniform fit and run-in to the shafts, low friction and wear resistance. Production - ingots. Marks: B-88, B-16, BN, B-83.

Advantages of alloy B16

  • This is a special fusible bearing alloy;
  • solid inclusions - optimize the antifriction properties;
  • Low melting point (240 to 320°C);
  • higher ductility at 100°C;
  • rotation speed - 60 m/sec;
  • loads: 150 kgf/cm2 (static), 500 kgf/cm2*sec (dynamic)
  • friction coefficient - 0,25 (without lubrication), 0,006 (with lubrication);
  • pouring thickness - more than 0,99 mm.
  • operating temperatures - 110 °C.


  • high brittleness (at room temperature);
  • cracking and spalling (at shocks and vibrations).

Production (GOST 1209-90)

  • ingots (from the primary material);
  • High antimony content (15-17%).


  • Motor axle bearings of electric locomotives, diesel locomotives, steam locomotives
  • turbine;
  • crosshead, frame and whorl bearings
  • Rolling mill bearings, ball and tube mill bearings, crusher bearings;
  • Pouring of bearing support of steam turbine, hydraulic turbine, ship and stationary steam engine, compressor, elevator, electric motor and generator.

Material composition

Fe As Al Pb Cu Sb Zn Sn Bi
≤0.1 ≤0,3 ≤0.01 63.34 - 68.5 1,5 - 2 15 - 17 ≤0.15 15 - 17 ≤0.1

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