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Hexagonal bar made of stainless steel


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
10Х17Н13М2Т EI448 1.4571 ~316Ti X10CrNiMoTi18-12 Buy from stock, view availability
12Х18Н10Т EP2 1.4541 321 X12CrNiTi18-10 Buy from stock, view availability
20Х23Н18 EI417 1.4845 310S X12CrNi25-21 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Stainless hex bar is a semi-fabricate of bar section that has a cross-section in a shape of geometrical figure with six congruent faces. It is made out of heat-resistant alloyed steel. Due to innovative technologies, there has become possible to reach the highest wear resistance, strength, capability to resist long-term loads, effect of aggressive gasses, liquids, and temperature gradient. The unique strength characteristics allow using hexagonal bar in manufacture of attached fittings, component parts for freight and passenger transport. It is hard to imagine food and chemical industries without it. Stainless hex bar has a few types of surface: speculum, brushed and skin-pass. Every of those is applied in a peculiar sphere. For example, speculum surface looks striking in building design, making of metallic decorative constructions.

Range of products

Stainless hex bar X10CrNiMoTi18−12 possesses a distinctive resistance to effect of thermal shocks, dynamic and basic loads, aggressive environment saturated with chloride ions. Chemical and food industry cannot do without it because resistance to effect of aggressive agents and corrosion is really important there.

X12CrNiTi18−10 grade that contains titanium relates to alloys of austenitic class. Its main advantages are high plasticity and high impact hardness. This material is applied up to a temperature of 600 °C. One of the main advantages is resistance to effect of organic solvents and acids of medium concentration.

Used in manufacture of hex bar, chrome-nickel steel X12CrNi25−21 possesses heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Due to these properties, it is used in many spheres where are required reliable materials that have long operational use, good strength and wear resistance.


By accuracy of rolling: high or standard level. By dimensions: random, cut, multiple cut length. By chemical composition: qualitative or high-quality. By manufacturing method: forged, calibrated, hot-rolled. By degree of crook: first and second class.

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