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Yttrium tungsten electrode


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Yttrium tungsten electrode is applied for welding of steel constructions and non-iron alloys with a help of direct current. It is explained with alloy characteristics. Among non-consumable electrodes, yttrium tungsten is the most consistent.

That is why WY electrodes are used at welding of:

carbon steel:

low-alloyed steel;



stainless steel.

WY electrodes have obtained particular popularity in aircraft and defense industries. Yttrium tungsten electrodes possess such properties as:

— spot beam:

-high compressive force;

— stability of cathode spot (it guarantees resistance in wide range of currents);

— high welding penetration:

In the composition of WY electrodes, there are silicon, molybdenum, manganese, sulfur, carbon, phosphorus. Coefficient of deposit welding is 9,5 h/Ah at impact hardness of 100 J/cm2. One of the peculiarities of domestic electrodes is a need of working on short-length arc and pre-baking.The last is done in special furnace during an hour.

According to International marking, yttrium tungsten electrode is marked as WY-20 (navy blue). In order to provide maximum profit and productivity to a company, these products are better to buy in proven sire.

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