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Sheet and strip of Nickel 200-201

Pipe Wire, rod (bar) Sheet, strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
NP2 2.4060 N02200 Ni99.6 Buy from stock, view availability
NP2 2.4061 N02201 Buy from stock, view availability


Due to its outstanding properties, nickel is extensively used nowadays. It possesses a significant electrical resistivity and a resistance to high temperatures and to an effect of aggressive environment. It is utilized in mechanical, instrument and electric engineering. It is irreplaceable metal for alloying stainless heat-resistant alloys.


Grades Nickel 200−201 are manufactured by an electroslag remelting method. It is a semi-fabricated nickel (with a few residual elements).


Ni Si Fe C Mn Cu Mg Zn P S P Pb, Sn, Sb, Bi, As
Basis ≤0,15 ≤0,1 ≤0,1 ≤0,05 0,1 0,1 ≤0,07 ≤0,0,02 ≤0,005 ≤0,02 to 0,02

It is a very hard, touch and malleable material. It is easy to work down. It covers with a protective oxidation film that prevents its corrosion in air at a normal temperature. It can wihstand an effect of full-hot, gaseous, liquid aggressive environments. It can easily be rolled, lathe turned, drawn, stamped and welded. The only one demerit is sulfur additive. It can form a sulfide film on a surface of nickel products. It makes them more brittle at high temperatures. An electrolytic refining is considered to be the main dressing-off method of sulfide film.


Semi-fabricates are placed into an electrolytic conductor and the other nickel sheets are used in forms of cathodes on which nickel settles down in a pure state. Such a dressing-off process is self-repayment because there plates out an anode slime. This slime is very easy to expand on separate consisting elements and their cost will be not less than a cost of dressing-off oneself.


It is used in manufacturing of anodes and cathodes. They are produced according to requirements of GOST 2132−90. Sheets and strips Nickel 200−201 are desirable in mechanical and instrument engineering. Alloy is also utilized for nickel-plating — the drawing of the thinnest nickel layer (50−125 micron of thickness) on the surface of other metal. It is done for protection from corrosion, impact of atmosphere moisture, a solution of acids, alkalis, salts. Nickel sheets can be used as a charge mixture in metallurgy. It means they are processed for further meltback for manufacturing nickel-containing alloys.

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