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Casting made of bronze

General characteristics of casting

Bronze is alloy, based on tin and copper. It is alloyed with silicon, aluminium, plumb, beryllium or other elements. All bronzes can be divided into casting and deformable grades. Casting of semi-fabricates is a complicated process when a specially prepared form is filled with molten material. After complete cooling, a final product is sent for further processing.

Main types of casting bronzes

Tin bronzes: CuSn4Zn4Pb17, CuSn10Fe1, CuSn10Zn10, CuSn5Zn5Pb5, CuSn8Zn4. High-quality casting properties of these grades are their main advantages. They possess a low melting point. They possess low shrinkable coefficient in comparison with other alloys during casting. These bronzes are used for a manufacture of complex-shaped products.

Aluminium bronzes: CuAl10Fe4Ni4, CuAl9Mn2, CuAl10Fe3Mn2, CuAl9Fe3. Casting properties distinguish them from tin alloys. They have a greater shrinkage coefficient. Porosity is not formed at that. There are turned out dense castings with a high specific strength. Entering of small amount of phosphorus significantly improved their quality during semi-products casting.

Bronze grade

Hardness HB 10-1

Melting point of casting (°С)


CuAl9Mn2 70−90 MPa 1080−1150° 392−392
CuSn5Zn5Pb5 60−70 MPa 1250−1300° 147−176
CuSn8Zn4 75 MPa 1100−1150° 196−196
CuAl9Fe3 100 MPa 1080−1150° 490−392

Note: A range σv in (MPa) is given for chill-casting or sand-mold casting.

Variety of bronze casting:

— centrifugal casting;
— shell casting;
— chill-casting;
— high-pressure die casting;
— sand-mold casting;
— vacuum casting;
— investment casting:
— cavityless casting.

Cast billets of required strength category are finished after the secondary heat treatment (quenching and tempering, normalizing) according to GOST 8479−70. Forgings are the relatively crude approximation to shapes of finished products. They do not require large expenses for further machining. Economic structural shapes of forgings allow performing billets treatment with the highest production rate at the least waste. By centrifugal method of casting, it is possible to get bronze castings (hollow bars, gears, rings, wheels, bushes) with a weighing in a range up to two tons and with a diameter of up to 1,500 millimetres. These elements are finished after machining pre-treatment with a predetermined allowance. Cavityless castings are made by chilling method (slides, step bearings, flat parts, sliding blocks) with a weighing in a range up to two tons and dimensions up to 2000 mm. All bronze grades fully comply with requirements of GOST 493−79, GOST 613−79.

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