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PT-1M tube, sheet made of titanium


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General knowledge about alloy

Alloy grade PT means Prometheus Titanium. PT alloys of marine application were invented in Central Research Institute of Structural Materials «Prometheus». These alloys are not similar to alloys of common and aerospace intention by composition. After a number is placed a letter M which means «modified».

Comparative strength of titanium alloys

Alloy grade Ultimate tensile strength (kgf/mm²)
Titanium gost PT-7M 45 — 68
Titanium gost PT-1M 35 — 58
Titanium grade 2 40 — 55
Titanium grade 1 30 — 45

Marking informs about manufacturer. For example, PT alloys were developed by Central Research Institute of Structural Materials «Prometheus». VT alloys were developed by VIAM-titanium. Numbers indicate a corresponding number of grade stamps. A surface can be both pickled and polished.


By a quality, titanium pipe can be divided into a group with pickling treatment in annealed condition and a group without heat and pickling treatments. An outer surface must not have cavities, laminations, scabs, flaws, heavy grinding pits, deep grooves and lacks of penetration. Butts are cut at a right angle and trimed from barbs.


It possesses high strength, corrosive resistance, softness, satisfactory workability, good plasticity, weldability. All properties are kept under effect of ultra-low and high temperatures. It also possesses resistance in :
— sea, brine, fresh water;
— at contact with nitric acid;
— in environment of natural gas, oil products;
— in mixture of KOH and NaOH with concentration of 40%;
— in boiling ammonia environment with concentration of 20%;
— in molten sulfur up to 240 °C;
— in atmosphere of SO2 and commercial gasses;
— in salts of cupric sulfate, sodium carbonate, H2 S etc.
— in dichloracetic, glacial concentrated acetic, chloro-acetic, milk, acetic anhydride, tartaric acids at a temperature of up to 100 °C.

Grade Diameter Wall thickness Method of manufacture Unit measure Cost
OT4−0 6 mm 6 mm seamless kg negotiated
Grade1 16−140 16 — 140 mm ---«--- ---«--- negotiated
PT7M 13−110 1.5 — 6 mm ---«--- ---«--- negotiated


Titanium pipe, sheet, plate of PT-1M grade are widely used in the most responsible areas of modern manufacture: in submarine shipbuilding, jet propulsion, petrol-chemistry at well-sinking, at gas or oil output. It easy copes with difficult tasks that are unbearable for other metals.

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