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Strip, sheet, foil made of titanium grade 36

Sheet, strip (foil)

Technical characteristics

European titanium alloy grade 36 is a promising material that is much-requested for manufacture of special mounting fixtures. Due to biological inertness, it is used as surgical implant. Alloy is characterized by good corrosive resistance and high strength. Mill-products: sheet, pipe, wire, bar, plate. Sheets of a thickness of 4 — 20 mm are made with intervals of 0.5 mm. Sheets that are thicker than 20 mm have interval of 1.0 mm. All products are manufactured according to ASTM A570 standard. Alloy can be successfully welded by conventional methods of arc welding under inert gas protection. Acetylene welding, in this case, is not applicable.

Percentage composition of alloy according to ASTM

Ti Nb O C N Fe H Residual elements
53 — 58 42 — 47 ≤ 0,16 ≤ 0,03 ≤ 0,03 ≤ 0,03 ≤0.035 ≤ 0,03

Mechanical characteristics

Density (1000 kg/m3) is 4.7 — 4.8.

Poisson’s ratio — 0,27−0,30.

Modulus of elasticity (hPa) — 190−210.

Ultimate tensile strength (MPa) — 365.

Yield limit (MPa) — 250.

Percentage of elongation (%) — 15−17.

Typical module of elasticity of grade 36 at room temperature (25°C) constitutes 190 — 210 hPa. Typical tensile strength varies between 276 and 1882 MPa.


Strength properties can be substantially increased by cold deformation. Hardening is achieved by cold deformation of commercial titanium. It is particularly high when a degree of deformation is up to 40%. It has inconspicuous strengthening effect. Recrystallization leads to titanium softening. Softening degree reaches 80% at temperature of the end of recrystallization.


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