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Sheet, strip, bar made of titanium grade 9 (Ti3Al2.5V)

Wire, rod (bar) Sheet (plate), strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
PT-3V 3.7195 R56320 Ti3Al2.5V Buy from stock, view availability


Alloys of marine application were invented in Central Research Institute of Structural Materials «Prometheus». These alloys are not similar to alloys of common and aerospace intention by composition. There is a wide range of titanium grade 9 sheet, strip, foil of standard and irregular sizes from «Auremo» supplier. It will satisfy needs of any buyer. A price is conditioned by technological details of production without including additional expenses. All products are certificated. When there is a need, products can pass through an additional checking.

Technical characteristics

Semi-fabricate Heat treatment Plasticity δ% Strength (MPa) KCU J/cm³
Sheet of grade 9 (Ti3Al2.5V) Bimodal (annealing 910 °C 15 min) 15.6% 749 100.9
— «--- Fiber structure 14.9% 745 110.2
— «---

Globular fine granulation

890 °C 1 h

17.9% 766 101.7
— «---

Sheet-like coarse-crystalline

(800 -1050°C, 30 min)

16.7% 766 95.8
— «---

Globular coarse-crystalline

800 °C 48 h

19.5% 761 101.6


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